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Hi Guys,

Looking to invest some hard earned cash in to some wireless headphones but with so many different brands out there I am struggling to pick a pair. I don't want to spend a fortune but happy to go up to £80. I'd like them to be noise cancelling in ear headphones that aren't too big, seen some pairs that are like the old school bluetooth mobile headset, no thanks. Done a bit of research but reviews are hit and miss. Each pair seems to have its pros and cons.

If any of you guys could recommend some tried and tested pairs of wireless headphones, I'd be grateful.


DI Dicky Runner

1 3 10 Jan 17

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  1. BE

    Bethany I understand that with so many options available, it becomes really confusing to choose one. I have read morea friend who uses a pair of affordable noise isolating earphones that are wireless and provide high quality sound. He got them from http://www.soundmagic.us/index.php/product/soundmagic-st80-wiredwireless-sports-earphones-microphone-remote/ and uses them while running and when in the gym. You can try these.

    0 17 Apr 17
  2. T414

    T414 I've got some decent wireless sports earphones made by Betron (available on Amazon) I got the BT1010 read morewhich r Gr8, sound quality is amazing for the money, £19.95 but the controller is quite chunky & hits me when I'm running so I tuck it up in my sweatband. They do the BT1050 which are alittle more money at £39.99, they have removable earhooks, & controller is much smaller so I think they will b much better ☺ they will b my next purchase! What ever u decide...make sure they are sweatproof otherwise they will die in no time.

    1 15 Jan 17