3 diets that are good for runners

Are you running to lose weight? We've put together the top three diets that will help you shift the pounds.

3 diets that are good for runners

Alkaline diet

Key features:

The Alkaline diet promotes eating foods that help to make the blood more alkaline. When your blood is acidic it’s believed to ‘clog’ the system and increases weight gain by creating an environment of ill health. The blood has a normal pH level of 7.35 to 7.45, and the theory is that our diet should reflect this level. Too much acid disrupts the balance of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. It’s essentially a ‘green’ diet and promoted by prominent people like famous US motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins.

Why it’s good for runners:

Athletes are prone to a build up of acid, and therefore, will benefit from more alkaline foods. The diet promotes, healthy, fresh, organic food – which is ideal for anyone pushing their body to the limits. Wheatgrass also forms the basis of many of the green drinks in this plan, famously drunk by Paula Radcliffe, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll which contains more light energy than any other element and is packed with health benefits - one of its many qualities are that it’s an anti-inflammatory.

Low Gi diet

Key Features:

The Gylcemic Index rates food from one to 100 as to how quickly they are absorbed and how they affect your sugar levels. Low GI foods included complex carbohydrates that provide a slow release of energy leaving you feeling fuller for longer. The food plans offer a healthy and balanced variety of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, plus vegetables and low GI fruits.

Why it’s good for runners:

When we train our blood sugar levels can fluctuate, so keeping blood sugar stable makes sense, a typical runner’s breakfast before race always includes slow release carbohydrates (for example porridge) for exactly this reason. However, as runners we can indulge in quick release high GI sugary snacks and nutrition during and after racing for a quick release of energy (jelly beans or energy drinks).  Overall, this diet is one that medical professionals approve of, providing a good balance of carbohydrates, lean meat and fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. There are numerous books and GI plans available, check out Living The GI Diet, by Rick Gallop. Click here for some Low GI breakfast options.

Metabolic typing

Key Features:

Personal trainer and nutritionist, Stephen Duncan MSc from Balanced Fitness Ltd says: “I use Metabolic Typing to determine the right fuel and the right fuel mix for each individual. Metabolic Typing is not the same as the typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet.

“Metabolic Typing identifies the foods that are right for the combination of how you function right now and your genetic background,” he explains. “In some people, their ideal fuel mixture will be higher carbohydrates, more vegetables and for others their diet may be higher protein and fats, more meat and fish and for others they could be a 50-50 balance of the two.”

Why it’s good for runners:

Runners need sustained energy and eating the wrong foods will lead to periods of low energy and in turn eating too much food which can also cause weight gain. “By using Metabolic Typing you will learn how to balance your nutrition so you can maximise your energy production and build good health,” says Stephen.

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