4 great reasons to put Sriracha hot sauce on everything

Arguably the world's coolest spicy condiment, Sriracha hot sauce should be on everyone's shopping list and not just because it's a taste sensation. The zingy table sauce also comes with a few surprising health benefits.

4 great reasons to put Sriracha hot sauce on everything

Sriracha sauce boosts your metabolism

Good news if you’re trying to get in shape, red chillies are the main ingredient in Sriracha sauce and they come with heaps of fat burning capsaicin! Capsaicin has the ability to burn calories at a faster rate and boost your metabolism in the process as it lowers triglycerides, otherwise known as stored fats. Squeeze it on your poached eggs, slather it on your salad and serve it with your chips, Sriracha sauce goes with everything!

Sriracha sauce fights illness

Struggling with a bout of the sniffles? Try a squeeze of restorative Sriracha sauce for tea if you’re after a real health kick, as the spicy stuff comes brimming with vitamin C. Alongside a hit of heat, the chilli in Sriracha also acts as an expectorant, which means waving bye bye to that sniffly cold and say hello to breathing free and easy.

Sriracha sauce makes you happy!

An added squeeze of Sriracha sauce not only makes even the blandest meals taste better, it actually comes with an endorphin boost. The chillies found in spicy sauce have been said to promote serotonin and can even enhance your memory alongside your mood. What more excuses do you need to slather every single meal in red hot sauce?

Sriracha sauce provides pain relief

We wouldn’t recommend drinking Sriracha sauce straight from the bottle before a race for fear of the dreaded toilet-stop. But ultra runners battling with high mileage will be pleased to hear that some of the hot table sauces key ingredients are believed to block pain transmissions to the brain. What are you waiting for? Dollop Sriracha sauce on your pre-race pasta to nail that PB.

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