5 benefits of bacon for runners

Bacon holds more health benefits than you might think. So get grilling because the breakfast of champions could be an important step in the journey to reaching that new PB.

5 benefits of bacon for runners

Bacon replenishes sodium levels

During intense activity the body loses salt through sweat. Sweating decreases sodium levels, which can lead to an imbalance in the blood. By eating lashings of bacon before or after your workout you could in theory maintain the balance.

It is not necessary to replace all of the sodium lost during exercise, but maintaining a balance is important for improving digestion, increasing fluid absorption during training and providing a boost in glucose absorption, so get your baps out and fire up the grill! Start with this tasty bacon, avocado and egg sandwich!

Bacon may lower blood pressure

Contrary to the popular belief that all fats in processed meats are bad for you, half of the fats contained in bacon are actually monounsaturated.

Research into the effects of monounsaturated fats on blood pressure have been shown to have a positive effect on lowering blood pressure when consumed as part of a diet where levels of monounsaturated were higher than saturated at a ratio of 5:1, so in short bacon is good for you!

Bacon can ward off cardiovascular disease

A higher proportion of monounsaturated fats also spells good news for keeping cardiovascular disease at bay. Increased quantities of MUFAs can help to keep metabolic syndrome – a group of disorders that contribute to heightening someone’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

What’s more, more recent studies into the link between high intake of saturated fats and the development of cardiovascular problems have found no link between the two. More bacon please! Try this delicious chicken and bacon omelette with bean salsa

Bacon can promote fat burn

Scientists at Kyoto University, Japan, found that bacon can considerably increase the rate of fat burn from the presence of a hormone co-enzyme Q10. The hormone is said to boost your metabolism by a considerable amount, the effects of which are dramatically increased when paired with moderate exercise.

According to the study, exercise as light as a brisk walk after a breakfast of 6 bacon rashers (containing 30mg of co-enzyme Q10) can double the rate of fat burn. Continued over a longer period however, effects become slightly less positive, so save your bacon butty for the weekend...

Bacon makes you happy!

Irrespective of the health benefits, bacon makes everyone happy and arguably anything that puts a smile on your face is worth it!

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