5 reasons runners should eat more cake

Sod the restrictive diet, here are a handful of valid reasons why runners should definitely indulge in moist cakey goodness every once in a while.

5 reasons runners should eat more cake

1. Cake is good for the soul

Eating well and sticking to a healthy diet is great if you’re trying to stay in shape and be conscious of what you’re putting into your body. Yet doing this day in day out, 24/7 can be a mental slog and lead you to feeling deprived and low on mood.

Don't forget you're a runner and you deserve a reward for all those miles. Give yourself a well deserved break, relax and tuck into a tasty slab of cake every once in a while; it's good for the soul.

2. Treat yourself

Food makes us happy, there’s no denying that. It’s a proven fact that chocolate increases the levels of endorphins in your system as well as the happy hormone serotonin. Add some chocolate into your cake of choice and you’re on to a winner.

If it’s a rich slice filled with dark chocolate it’s also guaranteed to be packed with the magical mineral magnesium, which is essential for heart health. Chocolate brownie, anyone?

3. Running fuel

One way to get the most out of your treat time is to use cake to fuel your miles. Don’t feel guilty for tucking into a slice of Delia’s finest Victoria Sponge, use it. Sugary carbohydrates give us a great deal of power when we need to pack a punch on the pavement. Don’t believe us? We’ll get a round of fruit loaf in just to prove it and then run all the way home. 

4. Motivation on a plate

If your training plan stipulates a long run but you're struggling to leave the house, end your route at your favourite cake spot and use it as motivation for getting out the door. After achieving some high mileage it's guaranteed that buttercream filling will taste even sweeter.

5. Endless options

From an indulgent chunk of red velvet to a wholesome slice of banana loaf, whether you decide to stay relatively healthy or go all-out Rocky Road, there’s no limit to the delicious array of cakes you can choose from. 

Plus if you bake it yourself, you get the added reward of saving the pennies, knowing exactly what goes into your treat of choice and sharing your wares with your loved ones. You heard it here first: you should eat more cake; you're a runner and you deserve it.

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