6 easy vegan meals

If you're committed to Veganuary or simply fancy trying something new, our round-up of favourite vegan recipes deserve a spot in your kitchen.

6 easy vegan meals

Delicious vegan dhal

If you have lentils and onions lying around in your cupboard then you’re already half way to creating this healthy Indian dish. This simple dhal is packed with immune boosting spices, comes with a mixture of healthy carbohydrates and protein and it’s super easy to make.

Dairy-free mac n’ cheese

Dairy-free mac n’ cheese, we hear you ask? Yes, you read that right. Our vegan take on a comfort food king is completely animal product free, it’s super easy to prepare and almost as good as the real stuff. Add in cooked veggies if you’re feeling virtuous or a sprinkle of chilli if you fancy some extra spice.

Thyme and mushroom soup

Creamy soup can be just as tasty as non vegan versions without being loaded with dairy. Our version opts for almond milk instead, is full to the brim with vitamin D, all natural ingredients and heaps of herby flavour. 

Hearty bean casserole

Introducing the perfect post-run meal for winter; this hearty bean casserole has protein, carbohydrates and plenty of vitamin C to keep illness at bay. Serve with your choice of bread for a filling lunch or a light supper.

Vegan 'pulled pork' burger

A little something for those who may be missing a carnivorous diet, behold the jack fruit burger! This creation could definitely pass off as meat and can be made at home. It combines a homemade barbecue base with a crunchy coleslaw. Perfect for those evenings when you're feeling nostalgic about summer barbecues and fancy something filling. 

Green Thai curry

Cooking adventurous food can be as easy as ringing up your favourite takeaway spot, not to mention healthier! Follow our step-by-step guide to making Thai green curry with all vegan ingredients and tuck into some delicious Southeast Asian food.

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