6 steps to a healthy Christmas diet

Sticking to a balanced diet can be challenging at Christmas. Follow our six-step guide to a healthy festive season.

6 steps to a healthy Christmas diet

A nutritious diet is vital for running fitness. Follow our six-step guide to healthy eating and and you're guaranteed to have the best Christmas ever!

1. Eat your five-a-day

The fruity chocolates in your Quality street tin totally count. Eat them all.

2. Get your vitamin C fix

Terry’s chocolate orange to be precise.

3. Opt for fruit salad

Wine is made of grapes, so wine counts as a fruit salad. Drink the lot.

4. Get your protein fix

Pigs + blankets = protein and fat. Healthy! 


5. Calcium makes for strong bones

Bailey's Irish Cream in abundance. Enough said!


6. Runners need carbs!

Roast potatoes, pizza, cake, Yorkshire pudding; it’s all essential fuel for runners.


Merry Christmas Bugs!

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