8 energy boosting run snacks

Keep your energy levels topped up and your tastebuds happy with our lowdown on the latest healthy snacks ready for your running bag.

8 energy boosting run snacks

n'eat fruit bars

If you have a sweet tooth, reaching for a n'eat bar could be the answer. These delicious bars come in a selection of natural flavours, from red berries and quinoa to cacoa and coconut and they're all refreshingly free from sugar, preservatives and palm oil. The brand is also partnered with the Orangutan Appeal, earning them another big tick.

Pulsin bars


Free from refined sugars and ingredients that are a struggle to pronounce, Pulsin comes in an array of delicious flavours including raw chocolate brownie. The bars are designed for both pre and post-run, so take your pick from carbohydrate-packed oat bars and Pulsin Protein Boosters to keep you running happy.

Vive bars

Brand new to the energy snack market, Vive bars are full of natural ingredients and nothing else. The bars come in a selection of flavours that will get you salivating, from peanut butter jelly to citrusy lemon burst. If you’re indecisive, you can pick up a taster pack on the website.

Squirrel Sisters

With a delicious range of treats made from all natural ingredients, the Squirrel Sisters are on a mission to prove that treating yourself can also be good for your health. Take your pick from raspberry ripple, chocolate brownie or coconut cashew for a snack that’s healthy, tasty and dairy-free.

Nom bars

Whether you prefer banana and oat or cacoa and raspberry, all Nom bar flavours are 100 per cent organic and gluten-free. A healthy snack option that doesn't scrimp on flavour, Nom only use fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients. 

The Primal Pantry

Founder Suzie Walker started The Primal Pantry in 2013 with just some nuts, fruit and a blender. Fast forward five years and the brand still has a no nonsense approach when it comes to ingredients; every delicious bar is jam-packed with raw, natural ingredients, ready for you to tuck into on the go.

Deliciously Ella balls

If you're looking to spice up snack time while staying on track, Ella Woodward's energy balls will keep you going without any added sugars. The Deliciously Ella range includes tasty bite-size spheres and three oat and fruit bars to tuck into when you need an energy boost.

Go Faster Food bites


From an elevenses snack to recovery fuel after your evening run, with Boost, Refuel and Recover balls there's a Go Faster Food treat for every time of day. Made from simple, natural ingredients, Go Bites will fit snuggly into your bag for when the runger strikes. 

Fancy making your own snacks? Try these easy pistachio and chocolate power truffles

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