8 simple but effective detox tips

Want to feel your best but reluctant to go on a crash diet? Recharge your health with our detox tips and feel confident and revitalised. 

8 simple but effective detox tips

Drink up!

Sadly, this doesn’t apply to Aperol Spritz. Drinking at least three litres of water a day will help to speed up your metabolism and keep junk food cravings at bay. You may find yourself nipping to the toilet more often, but that means your body is putting in the work. For more hydration tips click here

Cut back on processed sugar

Refined sugar may taste divine, but it does not lend itself well to burning fat. Calorie consumption aside, refined sugar also causes a fast spike in your blood-sugar levels, leading to an insulin rise which will make you more inclined to opt for unhealthy food choices.

Mix up your snack time with hummus and veggies and swap sweet treats for fresh fruit; just try to limit these to one or two pieces a day. A small handful of frozen grapes or berries is also a great go-to when it comes curbing cravings for sugary snacks. 

Complex carbs are queen

Cutting carbohydrates out altogether will not lead you to shed body fat in an instant, as many quick-fixes would have you believe, but picking the 'right' carbs will help.

Opt for complex carbs instead to boost weight loss, brain functionality and energy levels. This includes brown rice over white, sweet potatoes instead of Maris Piper's and oats in place of cereal. 

Eat your greens

If it’s green, there’s a good chance you should be eating it. Whether you're rustling up food for lunch or dinner, pile your plate high with steamed nutritious veggies including spinach, kale and broccoli, add in some protein and complex carbohydrates and you’re good to go. This healthy combination will fill you up, while giving you plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Say no to processed foods

Reaching for fast food on the go might be quick and easy, but pre-packaged and processed meals often come with extra sugar and salt content, even at the savoury end of the spectrum, which can send your junk food cravings through the roof.

Set time aside to prepare nutrient-packed meals like our summer salads and you will feel fuller for longer and be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

Steer clear of caffeine

Say your temporary goodbye's to Starbucks and keep away from caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee and black tea. Opt instead for green or peppermint tea and hang in there for the first couple of days while you wrestle with caffeine withdrawals.

Avoid alcohol

It's summer time, and yes we're dying to quench our thirst with a Pina Colada too. In the days leading up to your summer holiday keep alcohol in-take to an absolute minimum. You'll prevent calories adding up as well as avoiding the dreaded beer belly. If you're really hankering for a tipple then opt for a vodka soda and fresh lime, or a gin and slimline tonic, which comes with plenty of benefits. Then once you hit the beach, you can drink the bar dry. You are on holiday after all...


Some diets and detoxes will leave you hungry and unsatisfied. Even when trying to lose fat, this should never be the case. Tuck into wholesome, filling foods, pack your plate with plenty of fresh veg, swap your snack drawer with healthy choices and you will be more than satisfied and less likely to binge. 

Any diet programme should be considered wisely and introduced gradually. If you are unsure of whether a detox is the right option for you, ask your GP for advice.

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