Alternative snacks to fuel your run

How far would you go to improve your running form? Give your performance the edge and tuck into these protein-packed meat and insect based snacks!

Alternative snacks to fuel your run

Eat Grub

Satisfy your appetite sustainably with these cricket powered energy bars! On a mission to revolutionise the way we eat, Eat Grub is passionate about the positive impact swapping meat for insects can have on the planet. As well as protein packed bars Eat Grub have packets of insects ready for snacking or cooking.

Gryo bars

Jam-packed with dried fruits, nuts, hints of dark chocolate, and cricket powder, Gryo bars add an edge to your usual energy bar. Whether you choose apricot and thyme, or ginger and fig, each bar is high in natural protein and organic wheat, dairy and soy free!

Top Herd jerky

Take your healthy snacking up a notch with turkey, beef and pork jerky in a flavour infusion of honey mustard, zesty lemon and chilli. Top Herd have taste down to a tee with its lean, natural protein pouches. Every packet is free from nitrates, gluten and artificial preservatives, too. 

Jimini's bars

Jimini's is on a mission to change the world with a sustainable, nutritious ingredient - insects! Mixing cricket flour with organic nuts and fruits Jimini bars are nutritious and filled with flavour. If insects really take your fancy you can even swap your packet of crisps for some salt and vinegar crickets.

Fori bars

If you're a self-confessed carnivore on the go, Fori bars is the easy meat-based choice. Made from grass fed, free-range meat, dried fruit and seeds, Fori have stripped back the contents to bare bones, ensuring all ingredients are naturally nutritious.

EPIC bars

Free from honey, sugar, juice or syrups, these meaty bars are perfect if you're looking for a quick savoury snack after your run. All EPIC Bars are made from meat sourced specifically from animals able to roam and eat freely outdoors. 

Kings jerky

When the runger takes hold, Kings Jerky is easy to grab on the go and is now stocked all over the UK! Take your pick from free range chicken or lean British beef for a quick, high-protein snack. 

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