4 benefits of coffee for runners

Most of us rely heavily on a triple shot caffeine fix to get us through the day. But coffee is not just a morning boost, it can improve running performance and even aid weight loss.

4 benefits of coffee for runners

1. A feel-good cocktail

Take a runner’s high, throw in a caffeine boost and you get a super ultimate runner's caffeine high! Caffeine increases the concentration of those lovely endorphins in the brain, which is why you feel so fabulous after a steaming mug in the morning. Let’s also not forget that coffee tastes great so your taste buds will also be tingling.

2. Boost your speed

Coffee is the perfect stimulant, as caffeine increases energy levels and the ability to focus. Planning some tricky hill training? The mental alertness from a cup of the strong stuff will help you tackle any challenge with greater verve and confidence. 

Caffeine improves your neuromuscular coordination, so your brain sends the message to your muscles faster. This means your running efficiency will be enhanced, so you can run harder for longer.

3. Improve your endurance

Caffeine is increasingly being used by top athletes to improve their endurance performance. It stays in your system for several hours so will still be providing benefits as you get to the end of the race. Don't believe us? Take a caffeine energy gel when you start to flag and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the power surge.

4. Weight loss

Coffee enhances your body’s use of fat as a fuel source. Researchers also believe that caffeine increase the number of fatty acids in the blood stream, which increases the speed at which your body can covert fat to usable energy. So what are you waiting for? Stick the kettle on.

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