Can you go booze-free and still have fun?

If you're decided to eschew booze in favour of a healthy lifestyle, the good news is the drinks industry has responded and there's now a wealth of tasty alcoholic-free drinks available on the market. Here’s to the booze-free revolution!

Can you go booze-free and still have fun?

Over the last two years there’s been a global decline in the alcoholic drinks market. As more and more people embrace a healthy lifestyle (hurrah!) the drinks industry is adapting to offer better alcohol-free options.

Although we like the occasional drink as much as anyone (everyone loves a G&T) it’s great to see more booze-free drinks out there. As well as ensuring you’re fresh as a daisy for your early morning run the next day, this new wave of alcohol-free drinks are mostly much lower in calories than booze. Another round? Go on.

Alcohol-free beer

Once upon a time, booze-free beer was either tasteless or downright disgusting, but now you can find all manner of interesting alcohol-free brews about, from the recently launched Heineken 0.0 to Brewdog’s punchy Nanny State.  

Interestingly, when you take out the alcohol, it turns out that beer can actually be quite good for you as well as being tasty. Containing B vitamins and folic acid, it can even act as an isotonic post-workout drink. What’s not to love? 

Here are a few of the best alcohol free beers to try:

Fitbeer, 0%

Can it really be possible to make a low-calorie, alcohol-free beer that actually tastes really good? Fitbeer has managed it. This artisan craft lager is subtle and refreshing with a pleasant, rounded flavour. At only 66 calories a bottle, it’s not going to mess up your diet either. An isotonic beverage, it’s also naturally rich in Vitamin B12 and folic acid. 

Heineken 0.0, 0%

If you prefer a crisp, refreshing lager that’s easy on the palate, Heineken's new alcohol-free option is easy drinking. You’ll hardly notice the difference between this and a standard lager. And it’s just 69 calories per bottle.

Brewdog: Nanny State, 0.5%

A dark ale that’s surprisingly malty and hoppy, Brewdog Nanny State packs a punch in the flavour department. At 0.5%, that’s about as alcoholic as an overripe banana. It’s also only 26 calories per bottle – how crazy is that?

Big Drop Brewing Co Chocolate Milk Stout, 0.5%

A rich, dark stout, Big Drop Brew's chocolate beer has a fantastic flavour, with hints of coffee, cocoa and vanilla. It’s around 120 calories per bottle.

Soft drinks

The non-drinker no longer has to choose between sugary Coke and warm orange juice thanks to the new wave of interesting soft drinks and mixers on the market. Take your pick of the huge array of options, from elderflower fizz to old fashioned ginger beer.

If you find most soft drinks too sweet, premium tonic water is a great alternative. Companies like Fever Tree, Fentiman’s and Square Root are leading the way in creating new and delicious soft drinks.

Fever Tree

Try Fever Tree’s delicious ginger ale, or for an interesting twist on tonic water, try their Aromatic or Mediterranean flavoured tonic water.


If you find soft drinks insipid, have a taste of Fentiman’s blow-your-head-off fiery Ginger Beer. Or, for something completely different, try their Dandelion and Burdock, or Sparkling Lime and Jasmine drinks.

Square Root

A small producer of interesting mixed cordials and soft drinks, Square Root makes a wide range of drinks including Root Beer, flavoured tonics and seasonal specials such as a rhubarb soda.

Seedlip, the non-alcoholic spirit

Touted as the first non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip is leading the way in the booze-free revolution. A distilled and carefully crafted mix of flavoursome botanicals, it’s a grown up drink that allows you to enjoy the cocktail hour experience without the alcohol.

Uniquely flavoured and somehow gin-like thanks to the botanicals, it’s sugar-free and comes in at just 0.02 calories per serving. Drink it with tonic water or in a cocktail for a sophisticated, booze-free night out. 

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