Who fancies a fry-up? The health benefits of a cooked breakfast!

Cast aside your quinoa and chia toast. This week at The Running Bug we celebrate the health benefits of the classic British fry up.

Who fancies a fry-up? The health benefits of a cooked breakfast!

High in protein

Even if you're not planning on a running a marathon, eating a high protein breakfast will set you up for the day. A traditional fry up including eggs, bacon and sausages comes packed full of protein, aiding muscle growth and recovery.

Fat burning

According to our trusty Japanese friends at Kyoto University, research shows that bacon contains the hormone coenzyme Q1. This hormone when partnered with movement boosts your metabolism. Hello bacon, bye bye bingo wings. For more healthy fat sources for runners, click here

Low in sugar

Fallen for the granola marketing ploy? We don’t mean to be a cereal killer, but those high in sugar breakfasts have as much nutrients as the cardboard box they come packaged in. The sudden blood sugar drop post digestion results in production increase of the hunger stimulation grehlin hormone. The low sugar content of a fry up prevents the blood sugar spikes, keeping your body stable and your mind happy.

Mineral and vitamin goodness

Packed with high levels of magnesium, iron and zinc, you can’t go wrong with baked beans for breakfast. Throw in a grilled tomato packed full of vitamin C and antioxidiants and you’re laughing. It's also worth adding a mushroom or two, as fungi provides vital fibre. We recommend lightly frying using coconut oil for a healthier and exotic twist.

Taste sensation!

If you were playing breakfast top trumps, when it comes to taste, the English breakfast fry up has no comparison. Sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes are the food of the gods and provide excellent running fuel to boot.

Disclaimer: While fried food isn’t always the healthiest option, we all know you won’t win friends with salad.

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