Healthy Christmas food swaps

Love Christmas but loathe to step on the scales after a week of overindulgence? Make these healthy tweaks to your yuletide feast and your family won't even notice!

Healthy Christmas food swaps

Swap beer for bubbles

When the drinks are in full flow, while it's not exactly 'healthy' you can make subtle alcohol swaps that will be kinder to your waistline without being a party pooper. Coming in at 80 calories a glass champagne will spritz up any occasion, or if you're on a budget reach for a prosecco for a low-fat festive winner. That’s over half the calorie-count of a pint of beer, which contains the same number of calories as a large slice of pizza, according to Drink Aware

Switch shop bought for homemade treats 

Confiscating the traditional tub of Quality Street might feel severe, but you can offer up your own festive delicacies and they'll be even more delicious. Our dairy-free truffles are a much healthier option and will satisfy your cravings better than the usual refined sugar and milky chocolate mix. Synonymous with shop bought Christmas treats, this lethal combo tends to send your blood sugar levels through the roof. And don't even get us started on Quality Street's changing selection. It's just not the same since they took away the Peanut Cracknell!

Replace cream with yoghurt 

Brandy butter, custard and double cream may feel like essential components of a traditional festive dessert, but swapping them for a healthy alternative is easier than you might think. Natural yoghurt, quark and crème fraîche are all tasty ways to cut down the saturated fat on your Christmas puds without anyone noticing.

Christmas food comes packed with saturated fats which, as the NHS advise, can send your cholesterol sky rocketing, so try our simple swaps to keep your health in check.

Switch shortcrust for puff pastry 

Mince pies are a delicious festive staple, but they're packed with sugar and fat, with some brands containing as much as a third of your daily intake in just one pie! Sneaking puff pastry pies into your shopping basket is a lighter way to enjoy your favourite sweet treats without scrimping on flavour. If you can't find them in the shops, try making your own!

Substitute potatoes with root veg 

Crispy roast potatoes slathered in goose fat are a staple on the Christmas dinner table, but they aren't the best choice if you're sticking to a diet. Fool your entire family by sneakily roasting a small batch of regular potatoes and mixing these with cubes of turnip, swede, squash and pumpkin that have been rubbed with a few tablespoons of olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper. No one will notice the difference and you'll still all enjoy a hearty Christmas feast!

If you don't manage to make a single one of these changes, no one's keeping track! And you can always burn it off on your Boxing Day run. Merry Christmas Bugs! 

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