Healthy protein snacks on the go

When life gets busy, one of the first things to fall by the way-side is often nutrition. Try our healthy snack options and keep your protein topped up on the go.

Healthy protein snacks on the go

The healthy option is easier, tastier and cheaper than you might think with our selection of quick protein fixes.

Beef jerky

Perfect for kickstarting post-run recovery when rushing from pillar to post, either make your own jerky at home or buy it ready made in the local supermarket; just try to steer clear of brands with a high sugar and salt content. While you’re here, cast your eyes over the benefits of snacking on beef jerky

Nut butter sachets

Not only are nutty spreads one of the tastiest toppings on the supermarket shelf, they are often low in both carbohydrates and sugar if you opt for organic. In a 30g sachet of Pip & Nut peanut butter there are also an impressive 8 grams of protein. Serve up with yoghurt for a tasty snack.

Boiled eggs

One of the easiest, healthiest forms of protein is the old faithful boiled egg. Cook yours for 5-6 minutes in a pan of boiling water, de-shell and pop into a Tupperware box. Add some flavour by slicing your eggs in two and adding a teaspoon of hummus. 

The Protein Ball Co.

Made using all-natural ingredients The Protein Ball Co. have created these tasty snacks that will appeal to everyone from vegans to devout dairy lovers. Whether fruity cocoa and orange is your go-to, or coconut and macadamia nut, these protein balls will keep sugar cravings at bay and help to repair tired muscles. Keep them handy after any workout and check out the full range here

Yoghurt pots

The dairy aisle is a faithful friend when it comes to making a quick protein choice and an average sized pot of yoghurt can contain up to 18g. Add some almonds and a sprinkling of anti-inflammatory cinnamon for a cracking combination.

Homemade energy balls

Be creative in the kitchen and save money in the process by making your own protein balls. Jazz up your post-run recovery with our quick and easy spiced apple energy balls

For more nutritional advice, read the lowdown on protein

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