Is the Impossible Burger too good to be true?

The burger that tastes, sizzles and even bleeds exactly like meat but contains zero animal products has finally arrived...

Is the Impossible Burger too good to be true?

Do you LOVE burgers but resent the environmental impact? Or perhaps you're a dedicated fast-food fan battling with your burgeoning waistline?

The mindful meat-lovers amongst you will be excited to hear that serious headway has been made in the meat-free burger industry. A completely vegan counterfeit burger has been developed in the lab, with fascinating consequences. 

100% meat-free

Made from wheat, coconut oil, potatoes and zero animal products, the Impossible Burger is a struggling vegetarian's dream. Unlike your average meat-free patty, the Impossible Burger is a convincing fast-food forgery thanks to a magical ingredient known as heme.

Heme gives blood its colour, and beef burgers their meaty taste. What the experts discovered is that while heme is abundant in meat, it can also be found in plants, and, with some scientific know-how, the people behind the Impossible Burger have made our vegan dreams come true. 

Backed by Bill Gates

It may not seem logical that a vegan burger can be convincingly meaty while containing absolutely no animal products whatsoever, but The Impossible Burger is the product of serious research! A dedicated team of top scientists, farmers and chefs spent the last five years studying heme and successfully identified methods and ingredients to naturally recreate everything you know and love about a traditional beef burger.

The gang behind the Impossible Burger maintain their creation retains the exact sights, sounds, aromas, textures and flavours of a bonafide burger, minus the meat. Thanks to dogged determination and a bit of funding from Bill Gates, it has paid off, and leading chefs across the pond are struggling to tell the difference.

Environmental impact

But why try and recreate perfection? There's more behind the Impossible Burger than simply pandering to the vegan market. Animal agriculture uses 30% of all land and over 25% of all fresh water on earth, and meat production sits alongside fossil fuels and deforestation as one of the biggest contributing factors to global warming. 

The main motivation behind the Impossible Burger is to significantly lessen these damaging effects to the planet, so it's reassuring to lean that the meat-free alternative uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions to create its tasty dish, meaning our great grandchildren will get to enjoy burgers too.

Where can you get an Impossible Burger?

So where can you try one of these amazing meatless burgers? They're only currently available in various locations across the pond and have yet to hit UK shores. We suggest you tweet the Impossible Foods gang incessantly @ImpossibleFoods until they get the message and hotfoot it over to the UK to dish up their world-saving burgers to the masses. 

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