The 8 best energy bars to fuel your runs

Fitting the miles in around work and life can be a struggle and getting the correct energy into your body in time isn’t always easy. Whether you’re after a quick boost before your workout, or have a long run planned and need some energy to keep you going - look no further. We’ve handpicked a selection of quick healthy fixes to make sure you’re fired up and ready to go. 

The 8 best energy bars to fuel your runs

Meridian Bars

If nut butter’s a staple in your kitchen cupboard, Meridian bars are sure to be a match made in heaven. Whether your nut addiction sways to almonds, cashews or the old traditional peanut, there's guaranteed to be a flavour to suit your nutty side.

2. Nakd Bars

Not only will these bars of natural goodness give you the energy that you need, they taste pretty delicious too. From cashew cookie, to rhubarb and custard, you’re bound to find a healthy flavour to keep you going until the finish line, while keeping your taste buds happy.


Whether your favourite dessert is a snickerdoodle, key lime pie or carrot cake, LÄRABAR have a guilt-free version for you using simple ingredients. Be fuelled to go the extra mile while feeling like you’re indulging in your favourite treat. Win, win.

4. Bounce Balls

These balls of goodness contain a balanced mix of both protein and carbohydrates, making them great for before or after training. Munch your way through flavours of cocoa and chocolate orange, coconut and macadamia nut, or keep it simple with good old peanut. Pop one in your bag and sustain your body on the go.

5. KIND Bars

Honey, almonds, a drizzle of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt. Fuel doesn’t have to taste bland, and KIND bars know all about giving you great flavours. These bars are also great if you have a gluten or dairy allergy.

6. Tribe Bars 

These all-natural bars have been tried and tested specifically for runners, with different mixes and bars tailored to suit different distances. From 5 and 10K’s, to half marathons and beyond. You can be sure that Tribe will keep your energy levels up whatever your distance, without including any refined sugars or sulphites in the mix. Available for order online.

7. TREK Flapjack

Pre or post miles, grab a TREK bar and enjoy simple and delicious energy from gluten free oats. With a healthy mixture of carbohydrates and protein filled soya crunchies your body will definitely thank you for choosing this one.

8. 9 Bars

Here we have sustainable fuel made with all natural nuts and seeds to keep you moving further. You can even choose a cheeky coating of carob depending on which bar you choose. 9 Bars are so tasty we recommend you have one with a cuppa.

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