The health benefits of a roast dinner

Winter is coming and there's nothing like a fat roast dinner to warm you up post-run. Worried about your health? Cast aside your fears; here's conclusive proof that a hearty roast is the best food to pile on your plate.

The health benefits of a roast dinner

Pile on the veg 

A roast dinner wouldn't be a proper roast without a hearty side of veg, so there’s no shame in piling those vegetables high on your dinner plate. They fill you up and fuel your body with a rainbow of essential nutrients and vitamins. To preserve the good stuff, steaming your veggies is the most effective method of cooking, but we wouldn't want to deny you of the joys of roast parsnips and carrots, so whack the oven on and eat up. Roast, fried, boiled or raw, a vegetable is still a vegetable.

Up your iron intake

If roast beef or lamb is your meat of choice for Sunday lunch, you'll be pleased to hear they keep your iron levels topped up thanks to heme iron. Iron is essential for running success as it promotes red blood cell production, which then carries oxygen around your body. Red meat is also reassuringly rich in vitamin B6 and B12 which can prevent cardiovascular disease, aids brain function and takes extra care of your nervous system. 

Happy food

Eating a bowl of Yorkshire puddings slathered in gravy every night of the week might not be the healthiest option, but indulging in a little greasy goodness every once in a while will do less harm than you think! If you're trying to lose weight, research has shown that taking a break from a strict diet could actually help you achieve your goals. Mentally treat days can help you achieve some respite and give your brain and your belly a well-earned break.  

Carbs, carbs, carbs

Carbohydrates are a dream not just for your tastebuds but for your energy levels. As runners, ample energy is essential for high mileage and efficient training. Research by Eat For Life shows that in comparison to a high-protein diet, following a diet that's high in carbohydrates could even reduce the risk of heart disease. From honey-glazed root veg, to buttery, piping-hot mashed potato, carbs are the lifeblood of a successful runner, so read why runners should eat carbs and release the roasties! 

The perfect mix

The roast dinner has it all. Jam-packed with protein, essential carbohydrates and laden in tasty gravy, it ticks a number of good-food boxes. If you eat all your meals with this ratio in mind you're also more likely to be fuller for longer. Double up with a Bloody Mary that's well known to be rich in antioxidant vitamin C and you're practically a health guru. Sunday lunchtime can't come soon enough!

Disclaimer: Eating a fat roast dinner every single day probably isn’t the healthiest option, but no one ever won a race eating salad.

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