The unexpected benefits of beef jerky

Bored of Jelly Babies and looking for a healthy snack to see you through your long runs? Forget energy gels, beef jerky comes with a multitude of unexpected health benefits.

The unexpected benefits of beef jerky

Packed full of protein

Looking to ‘beef’ up? The tasty treat is packed full of protein, perfect for refueling and building your muscles post workout. Protein is vital for a number of bodily functions and muscle recovery and beef jerky has it in abundance. Beef jerky also doesn’t raise your insulin levels, keeping your body fat storage low.

Zinc boost

Vital for your immune system and with added healing powers, any chance to increase intake of this super mineral should be taken. Beef jerky is packed full of zinc, meaning you can take your training up a notch and keep running all day long.

Get your iron fix

As well as pumping iron, the elusive mineral is an imperative nutrient for your workout. Beef jerky will give you a great iron boost, meaning more oxygen will be carried around your body and you can nail Ironman's with ease!

Taste sensation

The continued evolution of beef jerky flavours is a real treat for your taste buds. Gone are the days of just plain cow flavoured beef; now you can choose from peppered, spicy, garlic, teriyaki and margarita flavour. OK the last one probably isn't true, but you get our drift.

For the healthiest options search for organic, grass-fed beef jerky. It's also worth noting beef jerky can be high in sodium, so try not to eat the whole cow.

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