Classic porridge

High in recovery boosting protein and energy filled carbohydrates this is a great post-run breakfast.

Classic porridge

Make this breakfast even quicker and save on the washing up by popping your oats and milk in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, stirring part way through.

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Serves 1 Prep time 2 minutes Cook time 5 minutes



  • 50g dry weight oats
  • 150ml water or milk - skimmed or almond
  • 75g greek or high protein yoghurt
  • 25g mixed nuts
  • Tsp maple syrup - optional
  • Fresh fruit of your choice


  1. Place the oats and water/ milk in a small pan and simmer over a medium heat (about 4-5 mins) to thicken.
  2. Top with the yoghurt, sprinkle with nuts and fruit.
  3. If you fancy sweetening up your breakfast add some maple syrup.

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