Healthy winter warmer recipes

The greatest motivation for getting through the cold winter runs is food, glorious food!

Healthy winter warmer recipes

Struggling to keep on running now the cold has hit? Luckily for you, we have some delicious and warming winter meals that will keep you fuelled and fighting fit throughout the winter months.

Sweet potato and lentil pie

There's no denying that potatoes are one of the top comfort foods out there. Team yours with some hearty legumes and you're on to a winner in the energy stakes. Protein-packed lentils give this dish the perfect mix for post-run recovery. Recipe

Beany sausage casserole

Whether you opt for normal sausages or veggie bangers, casseroles are the perfect healthy winter meal. Add beans and legumes into the mix for extra protein, iron and magnesium to keep you in tip top shape. Pass the seconds! Recipe

Chunky minestrone soup


The beauty of this dish is you can add any veggies you fancy. If you're in the mood for meat, you can even add that too! Try some pancetta or cooked bacon. A healthy dose of carbohydrates will also leave you feeling fuller for longer - good news if you're raring up for winter training! Recipe

Bacon and butternut squash risotto

Warm up your insides with a delicious creamy risotto without having to fall off the health wagon. Butternut squash is also jam-packed with potassium, vitamin E and B-rich, providing plenty of goodness. If you don't fancy meat, leave out the bacon and add extra squash. Recipe

Fruity Moroccan stew

Cook yourself this warming dish and embrace the flavours of North Africa. This tasty Morocco stew is best prepared in a tajine, but there's no reason why you can't make it in a normal pan and serve it up for all of the family. Recipe

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