Ultra Trail Angkor

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Date 20 Jan 17 Distance 128 km Surface Off-road

Event details

After the 1st edition with more than 300 participants & 26 different countries, the Ultra Trail d' Angkor is back for its 2nd Edition, on Friday, 20th January, 2016 from 10:00 pm for the warriors who will run the Great UTA 128 km and on Saturday, 21st January 2016 from 6:00 am for the other categories.

This year, we have planned an exceptional new track, the TA 16km, to allow everybody to participate.

Unlike any other Angkor marathons, the Ultra Trail d'Angkor has spent long hours of GPS search on site to ensure that runners will not race on the mainstream of wide concrete roads that they usually do with their tuk-tuk guides.

Departure schedules from Elephant Terrace :

UTA 128km >> 20th January 2017 >> 10:00pm : 160$ foreigner / 50$ Cambodian

TA 64km >> 21st January 2017 >> 5:00am : 90$ foreigner / 30$ Cambodian

TA 32km >> 21st January 2017 >> 5:30am : 63$ foreigner / 20$ Cambodian

TA & MNA 16km >> 21st January 2017 >> 7:30am : 43$ foreigner / 10$ Cambodian


Elephant Terrace, Angkor Siem Reap Cambodia Cambodia 00000


Applicable fees for runners.

Affiliated £160 Unaffiliated £43


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