How to fit fitness into your daily schedule

Fitness experts Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon offer their top workout tips for people with no time to spare.

How to fit fitness into your daily schedule

Fitness experts Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon offer their top workout tips for people with no time to spare.

We appreciate that the majority of people think that they don't have time to factor fitness into their busy lives. Here is the perfect guide to getting fit without taking time out of your busy everyday schedule.

Fit tip 1: At home

The average person spends a lot of their free time relaxing on the sofa. The living room is a "comfort zone" for many people and a place to unwind and relax. However, make the most of this down time by burning some extra calories – you can even keep fit while watching TV!

  • Instead of puffing up a cushion to make yourself more comfortable, try sitting on the floor with your feet and legs straight out in front of you, your heels raised and your abs pulled in. Now, hold a cushion with your arms straight and in front of your chest, rotate your body and the cushion round to the right; tap the floor before rotating to the left. Repeat 30 times for a great abs and core workout, which will help define your waist.
  • Use the arm rest of the sofa as a platform to perform triceps dips and tone those bingo wings. Move your feet further away from the body to increase difficulty, dip low and see how many you can do. Set yourself a challenge and aim to increase the number you complete every time.
  • Invest in some home fitness equipment to encourage you to work out without leaving the house. Try an hour's slow walk, or a fast pace interval session on a static bike – you can even watch TV in the process. If you’re thinking of investing in a treadmill, find out if it’s compatible with iFit Live technology (NordicTrack or Proform both are). iFit is a personal training system transports runners to a different location each day, thanks to Google Maps technology, and will help you stay on track and motivate you to reach your goals. Take a stroll down Bondi Beach or head out to Central Park from the comfort of your own home. Find out more about iFit here.

Fit tip 2: High intensity interval training (HIIT) for fast results!

If you're short on time but want to see fast results, try HIIT for immediate fat burn and weight loss. This form of training is all about speed and intensity! Use a timer to keep you motivated and on course with your workout. You should have a good base level of fitness before trying this form of exercise. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns before embarking on a new training regime.

  • 30-second intervals are the ideal place to start with interval training. You need to work hard enough so that the last few seconds feel almost impossible to keep working-out. Everything in your body should be burning, so go for it!
  • Try 60-second intervals to completely exhaust your muscles of their stored energy, which will take 24 to 48 hours to replenish.
  • Or try our favourite 40/20 sessions. Work as hard as you are physically able to for 40 seconds, followed by an active recovery for 20 seconds, repeat for 15 exercises with super-setting arms, legs and trunk exercises for maximum calorie burn!
  • Warm up for five to 10 minutes with an easy run then try between 10 and 20 fast sprints of 30 seconds, with 30 seconds recovery jog in between.

Fit tip 3: Walking

You can burn up to 300 calories an hour just by walking and, if you increase the speed for a brisk 45 minute walk, you will dip in and out of your fat burning zone as well as gaining a low intensity workout.  Little tricks we use to increase daily calorie burn and stay slim include:

  • Always walking up escalators, and taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Park as far away as you can from the supermarket entrance. This way you have further to walk back and forth with the shopping or the trolley and this will burn even more calories
  • Ensure you pull in your belly button, and squeeze your shoulder blades when walking to help create perfect posture - and squeeze your backside to activate the glutes and leg muscles.

Fit tip 4: At work

Although some people lead active lives and have active jobs, from training celebrities to motivating young people and competing for Great Britain, we appreciate that many people have inactive jobs and spend long periods of time sitting. Try our fitness ideas to keep you active at work, no matter how long you're in the office:

  • Stand up to make phone calls
  • Make regular trips to the water fountain, your body cannot mobilise fat unless you are fully hydrated. And the extra trips to the bathroom will increase calorie burn
  • Use a headset, rather than squeezing a phone between your shoulder and ear. You are less likely to suffer shoulder and neck discomfort
  • Have an active lunch break. Walk to pick up your lunch, go and meet a friend in the park, schedule a midday session with your personal trainer or walk up and down the office stairwell five times before you tuck into lunch. Here's how a quick lunchtime run could transform your life.
  • Use an office chair as your new gym by doing dips off the arm-rests. (Make sure the chair is stable, not one with wheels)

Fit tip 5: Make the most of wasted time

We suggest squeezing in exercise whenever you can throughout the day, for instance:

  • Try squats when you're washing up
  • Jog on the spot when you're waiting for the bus
  • Perform triceps dips off the side of the bathtub whilst you are waiting for it to fill up
  • Walk the kids to school instead of driving
  • Add 5 minutes to your daily dog walk
  • See how many crunches you can do during a commercial break on TV
  • Dance to your favourite music rather than just listening to it
  • Do press-ups on the edge of the kitchen counter while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook

Remember, exercise stimulates your circulation, improving the transportation of nutrients around your system and flushing out waste products. This will help make your skin clearer and give you a distinctively fresh glow, as well as boosting your sex drive!

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