Jo Pavey's tips for winter running

Chilly weather is no excuse not to run. Brave the cold with expert tips from the inspirational Jo Pavey.

Jo Pavey's tips for winter running

Ahead of The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, we caught up with race ambassador Jo Pavey, to find out how she keeps motivated on cold winter runs.

Wrap up

Always wear the right clothing, there’s no point thinking, “Oh the weather isn’t suitable.” As long as you’re wearing the right clothing, just get out there, it's fine. Plus within a few minutes you feel really warm, if it’s really really cold, sometimes the first five or six minutes you’ll feel a bit chilly, but that disappears. 

I always think wearing gloves is really important because that’s the only thing that won’t warm up, the rest of you gets warm but your hands are flying back and forth through the air. I have been known to wear three pairs of gloves! I’ll do that if I need to.

Take in your environment

I love running in the rain because I feel really satisfied. One thing I think people should take as a real positive of running in the winter is that if you’re running somewhere that’s beautiful countryside or even in London you get more of the place to yourself; when the weather’s bad, you get more room to run.

If I’m going to go somewhere really beautiful in Devon where I run near to where I live, if its really really awful weather, I think it’s a shame, but then you realise there’s no one about and you can really take in the beautiful surroundings.

Trust your instinct but remain consistent

Do everything you can to keep consistent, because that’s what leads to success. Be flexible with your approach to training, it’s not copping out if you delay a session for a day or so because you feel like you have a lot on or you have a bit of a niggle and don’t feel up for it.

Run with others

Joining a running club where you have a meet up time, you’re less likely to think 'I can’t be bothered tonight' because you feel like you’re letting people down whether you are or not, and it adds a social element to it as well which makes it fun.

Have something back at home to look forward to

My main priority has always been being a mum. Knowing my kids are going to be there when I get back, I think it probably subconsciously makes me train harder than ever, because I want to make it worth it.

Make it fun

Instead of thinking about how cold it is, embrace the cold weather by adding the fun element in to it. At the London Winter Run, they’re adding giant snow machines to run through and polar bear hugs at the end of the race. It’s going to be about getting out there and embracing being fit and active throughout the winter.

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run takes place on Sunday 5 February 2017.

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