5 mistakes every new runner makes

Running can be a minefield when you’re just starting out, but rest assured we’ve been there too and made every rookie mistake possible…

5 mistakes every new runner makes

Wearing the wrong trainers

When you begin your running journey you aren't expected to own all the kit on offer. Like every runner out there, you probably started out with the only pair of trainers you own. Yes, that beaten up pair you had back in university count too, as do the holy old plimsolls you wore for your first ever mile, blisters and all. 

Do your precious feet a favour and invest in some substantial running shoes with proper support and stability. They don’t have to break the bank or look like they've come off the catwalk, but they will be worth your hard earned money if you work out the cost per wear and remind yourself how much you will gain from owning them. Take a look at our 2017 road running shoe edit or visit a running store to get your shoes professionally fitted. 

Eating more than you run off

Being able to eat lots of food is without a doubt one of the best things about running. Although, sometimes it’s easy to go overboard and assume that running a 5K gives you free reign to eat everything in sight. Many runners who are starting out find that they gain weight because of this easy mistake, so try to keep your excitable appetite under control. Treat yourself, but maintain a sense of balance and resist indulging in a burger and fries after every single run you do.

Being your own worst enemy

Once you've found your running feet, wanting to run further and faster is completely normal, but it’s important to give yourself credit for the small wins in the process. If you can't muster up the strength to run a mile one day or failed to bag a PB at parkrun, don’t be hard on yourself. These things take time, and some days you will feel more full of beans than others.

Doing too much too soon

So you’ve just started running and you’re already thinking about signing up to a marathon in a month's time. Stop right there. Setting yourself crazy goals isn’t a bad thing; if you don’t aim high, you’ll never give yourself the chance to get there. But it is important to work hard and chip away at these bigger challenges over a longer period of time, taking a minute to find some patience and give yourself a pat on the back in the meantime.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your goals won’t be achieved so quickly either. Give yourself some space, set some realistic markers and be gentle with yourself in the process. You’re up, you’re moving and that’s one hell of a start.

Rocking every layer going

We’ve all been on a run where we look like Rocky Balboa, wearing every layer possible and sweating uncontrollably like we’re a moving sauna. It's important to feel comfortable on your runs, not like you're wading through the Sahara.

Unless you do actually live in sub zero temperatures, when you first leave the house remember that you'll warm up considerably once you start running, so you won't need all that kit. Opt for layers you can carry or tie around your waist, shorts instead of big baggy jogging bottoms and leave that winter hat where you found it. 

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