Run Yourself New 2018: get started!

Signed up to Run Yourself New and not sure where to start? Follow our training advice and help your team nab the New Year top spot!

Run Yourself New 2018: get started!

Recently signed up to Run Yourself New? Right, now it's time to get started! Running your first mile can be a daunting process for anyone. If you're thinking about starting a new fitness programme, you need to feel confident that you're doing the right thing. But once you get started, with a little bit of guidance and support, before long running will become second nature. 

Invest in running kit

Before you embark on your first run, investing in the correct running kit (and trainers!) is essential. If you're not sure where to start, ask yourself these questions. Investing in the right trainers at a specialised running store will prevent you from injury and allow you to run pain free. Ask for a gait analysis to make sure you leave with the right shoes for your feet that suit your running style.

Pace yourself

Avoid doing too much too soon! As motivated as you may be, running is a high impact sport and must be integrated progressively into your exercise routine. Starting with 2-3 times per week is generally a safe place to start and this can be progressed, as the body gets stronger.

Follow a training plan

Pick the right plan for your fitness level and ability and this will make the whole process much more fun, structured and successful. If you're brand new to running try our Couch to 5K plan, or if you're more experienced, head over to our training section and find the plan that works for you.


Be prepared to walk if you're a beginner, and don't be embarrassed! We all have to start somewhere. Focus on building fitness, gradually reducing the amount of walking over the coming weeks. 

Set yourself a goal

If you need a little more motivation to Run Yourself New, a goal is always a good place to start. Aim for a 5K in 8-12 week’s time (depending upon current levels of fitness and progression) and get running! 

Make it social

Take advantage of the support and motivation available to you right here on The Running Bug and make friends with your team! We're a real mix of beginners and experienced runners, so don't forget to chat to your gang and look after each other. From bears to foxes, wolves, sharks, hawks and leopards, you’re all in with a chance of taking the top spot and having fun along the way if your team works together. 

Work towards 5K

If you're new to running and want to take on 5K, your local parkrun is a fabulous place to start. Then set small goals along the way so that each week building towards the 5K has small targets and becomes achievable. From here you can build towards a 10K, or perhaps even a marathon next year!

Enjoy yourself

Remember to have fun! Running should not be a chore, so keep your runs interesting and turn it into a social event by inviting a friend along for the ride. Choose routes that incorporate trees, trails and grass, as softer surfaces are kinder to your joints, and don't forget to keep smiling! Running is supposed to be fun, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to Run Yourself New!

Don't forget to log your runs and share your progress with other Bugs on the Run Yourself New page

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