The best running apps for beginners

Make your running dreams a reality and leap into the void with our pick of the best running apps for beginners.

The best running apps for beginners

The Running Bug!

New to The Running Bug? We might not be an app, but the website comes with everything a beginner runner could possibly need! From training plans, to measuring your performance and making new pals on our community forums, The Bug is the place to be for beginner runners! 

Run Keeper

Keeping track of your miles, routes and major milestones has never been easier! As well as setting benchmarks to keep you going, on Run Keeper you can keep track of all your goals, including weight loss and aiming for a specific race time. Read more

Couch to 5K® 

Couch to 5K® includes absolutely everything you need to get started on your running journey - except for the shoes! Follow the step-by-step training plan, search for your first 5K race and make new running buddies in the online community. Read more


If you prefer running with friends, Endomondo is great for fostering a bit of healthy competition. Track your pals' live progress, compete head-to-head and benefit from extra motivation to keep you going. Let the games begin! Read more

Couch to 5K Runner Pro 

Peel yourself off the sofa and let Couch to 5K Runner Pro guide you through every step of your first run, from when to run, when to walk, and when you've victoriously reached halfway! They also produce tons of other apps to fine tune your fitness, from working on your core to building glutes of steel. Read more

5K101 Running Mate Couch to 5K

If the thought of running 5K non-stop fills you with dread, fear no more! The 5K101 app is guarantee to get you running for joy in a flash. On your planned runs,
handy audio coaching will guide you gradually, telling you when to run, when to walk and when to stop. If you prefer to exercise to music, it's also compatible with both. Read more


When you embark on your first running journey, knowing which routes to follow can be a logistical nightmare, but thanks to RunGo that's now a thing of the past. Pick your route, pop your headphones in and follow the voice commands as they tell you which direction to venture in so you can focus on running. Read more

What apps do you use to keep you going? Share yours below!

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