Why cheating can be good for you

No, we’re not advocating cheating in an exam, on your partner, or during a race – that’s just plain wrong. But did you know about these three handy cheats that could help improve your running… and your health?

Why cheating can be good for you

You don’t need to run further to get fitter

When you first start running, you might think the best way to improve your fitness and endurance is to keep adding miles (or minutes) to each of your training sessions. However, that’s simply not the case.

Even if you’re training for a longer race, such as a 10K or half marathon, you really shouldn’t be pounding out mile after mile (after mile) on each run: even people training for a marathon only usually do one long run a week.

The key is to train smarter, by doing sessions that push you aerobically in a short space of time: you can achieve a good aerobic workout in even just 20 minutes! Try incorporating interval sessions or tempo runs into your weekly training – the cheat’s way to get fitter in a short amount of time!

Walk breaks are totally legitimate

Walking is winning – at least, that’s what loads of runners think. In fact, there are people who run/walk marathons in very respectable times, thanks to those planned walk breaks.

Walk breaks can help you cover a much greater distance than if you were to try to run continuously, especially when you’re first starting out.

In fact, this little ‘cheat’ is a great way to boost your confidence and make you realise you can do it. And don't worry – you’re still a runner. Nothing can take that away from you!

Treat days are actually good for you

While we all probably think that falling off the wagon when it comes to dieting is a big no-no, the opposite might actually be true. After around three days of restricted dieting, the level of the hormones that regulate appetite and energy levels in the body drops.

However, a cheat day every third day or so can stop this happening, helping to regulate weight loss in the long run. Good, eh?

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