Why running your first mile is a big deal

Because 5K isn’t the first big milestone of your running journey...

Why running your first mile is a big deal

If everyone around you is banging on about their recent 5K, but that still feels like a world away, don’t get disheartened. While running 5K is undoubtedly a huge deal, there’s another running milestone that’s sometimes overlooked but is still a biggie: running non-stop for one mile. The first time you achieve this is not to be overlooked... here’s why.

One mile is a big deal

Remember all the hype over Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile? Well guess what? Whether you can run it in just under four minutes or a little over 15 minutes, a mile is a mile. And the first time you achieve it is definitely the best!

All runners have been there

I bet even if you asked runners who have been pounding pavements for decades, they would be able to recall how great it was the first time they broke through the walk/run barrier and ran a mile. So tell others runners about your achievement... your effort will be be appreciated! 

Running a mile takes guts

Setting out for a run can be daunting. It takes real confidence to step out of the walk/run comfort zone for the first time and tackle a non-stop, one-mile run. You rock! 

It's an ace aerobic workout

Running a mile is a brilliant way to boost your aerobic fitness, which is great for improving heart health, lowering cholesterol, reducing your risk of Type II diabetes, lowering blood pressure and improving your mental health.

It's a great calorie burner

On average, a one-mile run burns about 100 calories. Which might not sound like an awful lot, but it all adds up! So you definitely don’t need to fret about that chocolate biscuit.

You can do it every day

Running a mile doesn’t take too much time out of your day, plus it comes with a lower risk of injury than, say, running a 10K or half marathon. So you can run a mile every day... great for your heart and happiness!

It’s your running springboard!

Once you have mastered the mile, the running world is truly your oyster. Mentally, a mile is a big hurdle, so once you can cover it, it’s the perfect building block. A couple of ten-minute jogs with a five-minute walk break in-between will see you up to two miles, and before you know it, you’ll be racing 5Ks with the best of them. But for now, revel in your first major achievement and enjoy running that first mile!

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