5 benefits of running with a GPS watch

There are runners who wouldn't dream of heading out without their trusty GPS watch, and whilst it can be good to 'run naked' occasionally, wearing one can have huge benefits for your training and racing.

5 benefits of running with a GPS watch

Check out The Running Bug's 5 benefits and see how a GPS watch could help you improve.

Race yourself

As the saying goes, the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Now with technology getting better everyday, you actually can measure this for real.

GPS watches save your previous times for routes and workouts, giving you the chance to race a previous you. This way you can clearly see your improvements and get motivated to push yourself that little bit harder on every run.

Weight Loss

We all know that dieting can be difficult, so a helping hand is always welcome. GPS watches can give you a pretty accurate estimate of the number of calories you burn during your workout, so you can easily plan your daily intake.

Even if you are running for performance rather than weight loss, it's important to get an idea of how many calories your runs are burning to ensure your refuelling strategy is optimal.

Indoor use

Gone are the days of relying on the largely inaccurate information on running machines in the gym. GPS watches can track your performance even when you’re exercising indoors.

On rainy days you can head for the treadmills and still use your watch to log your efforts.


We all like to know how far we've run, even more so when training for an event. Fortunately, GPS watches offer much more accurate readings of distance covered than apps.

You can also use your watch with your phone or computer for full access to your runs on all your devices. This means you can keep track wherever you go and look at the trends to see your improvement. Most GPS watches come with software that allows you to look at all sorts of cool stats like weekly distance run and average pace for the week. There are so many ways to analyse your runs!

Track your splits

Tracking and analysing your splits can help you see where you speed up and slow down during a run. You'll be able to see how you judged your pace and improve for next time. And during races you can keep a eye on time for each kilometre or mile to check you're on target to smash your PB.

You can take splits during an interval session so that you can compare times from the same workout and to previous workouts. 

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