Add intensity to your home workouts

Getting fitter and stronger shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, or even a monthly gym membership. Thankfully the Domyos range offers functional and affordable training equipment that you can use wherever and whenever you choose to workout.

Add intensity to your home workouts

We gave the nifty Push-up Gain Plate and the 100 Training Strap a spin. Here’s our verdict:


Push-up gain plate

The gain plate is one of the most functional pieces on our equipment list. A small but mighty piece of kit, it adds intensity to your upper body routine as well as working a whole host of other muscle groups such as your abs and glutes.


The plates offer up endless options for your exercise regime with curved balance pads that can be slotted in or out to make your routine that bit harder. The curved pads enable you to twist into exercises and focus on different muscle groups in one fluid movement.

Simple to use

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work the push up plates, and that’s one of the biggest plus points. Adding in another level of intensity to your workout is fool proof.

Work your abs

Not only will the power plate work your upper body, it’s great for improving your balance and working on core strength. One of our favourite ab exercises is a real core burner.  Use the push-up plate as a miniature bosu ball to see how long you can balance for. You can find a full demonstration here:


The clever-clogs at Domyos have created a piece of kit that can store neatly away at home without looking as though it belongs in the gym. Detachable handles slot easily away and the plates compact together without any effort at all.

100 training strap

This piece of kit is perfect if you want to work out but have limited space. The 100 training strap uses your bodyweight as a tool to build your strength, without the need for added equipment. So you can get fit without the clutter. 

Workout wherever you are

Whether it’s the local park, back garden or your bedroom, getting started with the strap is really easy. Train wherever you are without any faff with the handy door attachment and easy, stable fastening. From a sturdy tree to your kitchen door you can add resistance to your workout instantly.

Functional training

The best bit about resistance training is freshening up your workout routine simply by putting some equipment into the mix. Adding weight to your lunges or trying out an upright row? The 100 training strap enables you to have fun with your strength training while being easily adaptable and simple to adjust.

Easy for travel

If you’re on the road and don’t have access to a gym your routine doesn't have to suffer. It’s not only lighter than your average strength-building kit, the straps fit snuggly into a nifty black drawstring bag; so you can keep your equipment compact when you're on the go. 

Free workouts

If you’re new to using suspension straps and you’re not sure how to start - worry not. Domyos have a whole host of how-to videos on their website, showing you exactly what to do and how to get to grips with suspension exercises. See for yourself just how easy it is to get started with these free suspension workouts

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