Become a Brooks endorsed athlete!

It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you can run, now is your chance to hit the big time and become a bona fide endorsed athlete!

Become a Brooks endorsed athlete!

If you think it’s only the super-fast and super-famous athletes that get to sign endorsement deals with major running brands, it’s time to think again.

Brooks big endorsement

High-performance running and apparel brand Brooks is now giving you (yes, you!) the chance to sign an official contract with them, giving you (and thousands of other runners) the opportunity to experience the superstar treatment with your very own athlete endorsement deal.

Why? Because Brooks believes all runners deserve support and recognition, for all the miles you put in day in, day out.

What’s more, according to the brand’s Brooks Global Run Happy Report, a huge 60 per cent of runners harboured childhood dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

OK, so you might never have made it to an Olympic start line or featured in your own TV campaign, but it doesn’t matter, because with the Brooks Big Endorsement Deal, you can gain all the accolade of signing an endorsement deal, right now.

Step into the spotlight

To sign your contract, head over to In addition to bragging rights, as a Brooks endorsed athlete, you’ll get access to exclusive content from Brooks, including expert training and nutrition tips and advice. Plus, you could even be chosen to grace the cover of Competitor magazine!

And of course, as a Brooks endorsed athlete, you should obviously look and feel the part, too. So why not treat yourself to a pair of newly launched Brooks Glycerin 15?

The premium running shoe will instantly adapt to your unique stride, weight and speed, moulding to your foot thanks to its Super DNA cushioning. After all, as an officially endorsed athlete, you deserve a pair of running shoes that feel custom-made! Read our review here


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