Budget running hacks big brands don’t want you to know about

Feel like you need to be constantly buying new and improved sports kit to enhance your running? Think again! Here are some simple hacks to help you save your pennies.

Budget running hacks big brands don’t want you to know about

You don’t need expensive sports drinks

With all their talk of enhanced performance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you couldn’t possibly have a good run without a bottle of the latest branded sports drink to hand. Wrong! Simply fill your running bottle with a mix of three parts water to one part orange juice, plus a dash of honey and table salt, shake well and you have your very own sports drink. Try these homemade fruity electrolyte drinks. And if you’re running for less than an hour, you will get by just fine with tap water!

Live without post-workout protein shakes

Good old-fashioned milk contains the perfect ration of carbs to protein to aid recovery, so you really don’t need to spend a fortune on protein shakes. Sip on the white stuff at a fraction of the price and you'll recover just fine.

Make your own energy bars

OK, we admit this is a little more time consuming than reaching for pre-packaged energy bars or gels, BUT making your own will save you money and a little can go a long way. Try these mouth-watering No-Bake Peanut Butter And Chocolate Bars or our healthy flapjacks!

Prolong the life of your running kit

Look after your kit with a bit of love and care, and it will last so much longer, meaning you don’t need to spend as much money on new run wear. Wash kit on a low temperature (some washing machines even have a special ‘sports’ setting), avoid using fabric softener and opt for washing liquid specially formulated for sports kit. And hand-washing sports bras is definitely a good idea to ensure they last the distance.

Don’t spend a fortune on big-name brands

Budget brands are often just as good for essential running kit. Switch to cost effective brands such as Karrimor for your running wear and your pocket will notice the difference.

You don’t necessarily need separate trail shoes

OK, we admit if you’re heading up a mountainside or running over very uneven, rocky ground, a pair of trail shoes is a good idea. However, if you’re just hitting a few gentle woodland paths on a Sunday afternoon, there is really no need to invest in a pair of trail shoes: your regular running shoes will suffice just fine.

Shop for last-season’s running shoes

On the subject of shoes, if you’re in the market for a new pair, check out online stores that sell last-season’s range from your favourite brands. Buying shoes in clearance sales can potentially save you 50 per cent of the cost. And while we love the latest updates form the newest models, we love a bargain even more. Check out Sweatshop and Sportsdirect for great savings.

You don’t need the latest gadgets (honestly)

Yes, fancy gadgets are nice, but they are not essential (we promise). A watch with a simple stopwatch function is all you need when you’re just starting out– you don’t need to invest hundreds at the outset. And if you learn to pace yourself without the aid of a GPS watch, you might find you never need one.

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