Combine fitness and style with Soar performance runwear

Performance wear that you can sweat, move and breathe in while still retaining style: we took Soar's latest running range to the streets.

Combine fitness and style with Soar performance runwear

A relatively new brand in running circles, Soar is fast making a name for itself as the go-to brand for runners seeking functional, comfortable kit that still retains a sense of style. We took the latest women's run wear range to the streets of the capital, with reassuring results.


One of the boldest and yet most practical pieces in the range is the Fenn shell jacket. If the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, you’re guaranteed to be safe guarded from the elements thanks to bonded, taped seems and Aquaguard zip. Yet for the more intense workouts on your schedule the Japanese laminate fabric gives you the breathability you need to stay cool. 

The handy waterproof pocket on the back will also stop your phone from getting water-logged in the rain. Available in glorious pillar box red, the Soar Fenn shell jacket is guaranteed to set the streets alight.

Quality fabrics

Merino wool doesn't make a regular occurrence in The Running Bug closet, but after trying out the women’s base layer we are sold. Merino is naturally antibacterial, so when the sweat-wicking fabric works its magic you will stay smelling fresh and odour free.

This is a golden nugget in your laundry pile if you train regularly. As well as being functional, the silk and merino knit of the fabric will keep warm and feel soft on your skin when the temperature drops.

Subtle detailing

Primary colours put the Soar winter range at the subtle edge of the scale, which in a sea of high-vis neon is a refreshing change. Wearable colours such as charcoal, black and deep blue are complimented with welcome pops of cherry red. From vibrant blue cuff details on the Fenn jacket, to bright bands of colour on the Tilia long sleeve top, we’re huge fan of these playful additions; all the more room to mix and match.


Thanks to an excellent design team, Soar is easy on the eye yet functional. Their Annis calf guards are the prime example. Complimented with reflective banding and dot details, these could easily pass off as an added accessory while fulfilling their intended purpose of increasing blood flow to your legs.

These functional touches means you will be able to run further with ease, while remaining safe, seen and stylish. 

Stylishly fit

Here at The Running Bug we’re huge fans of the new Soar collection. The range mixes classic staples with new innovative fabrics and technology; perfect for braving the winter chill with both comfort and style. The reflective details and subtle flashes of colour add running credibility to stylish kit that looks equally good out training and recovering afterwards over a coffee.


Take a look at the full range of Soar running wear here.

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