Is this the future of running kit?

Outdoor activewear experts Montane have made giant leaps in the run kit department so you can run further, faster and stay fresh in the mountains.

Is this the future of running kit?

We headed to the Lake District last week to test out Montane’s latest VIA Trail Series running packs. Montane's Spring/Summer 2018 trail running range has been completely reimagined, and the results smell surprisingly good!

Engineered for endurance

Designed with high mountain trail and alpine running in mind, Montane’s new VIA Trail Series pack range is aimed at mountain endurance enthusiasts who enjoy testing their limits in the great outdoors.

But from 5K park-runners to veteran mountain goats, irrespective of the distance or difficulty rating, there is one thing all runners have in common: the smell. That’s right folks, runners sweat, and this often leads to stinky kit…

The future is here

So what? We hear you say. Well, while it’s good to embrace your authentic self and have fun in nature, sweaty backpacks can lead to odour, fungi and even mildew. And we all know how grim old kit smells if it’s been festering in the cupboard after a few runs!

If your running kit stinks like the bog of eternal stench and you’re bored stiff of having to wash it every time you head out the door, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the future is here, and it smells bright.

The power of Polygiene

What sets Montane’s new backpacks apart from the pack? The secret stems from Polygiene Permanent Odour Control. A world first for any trail running pack range, Polygiene technology is permanently integrated during the finishing stages of textile production, so in short your kit comes with odour control embedded in the fabric, and all you have to do is run!

If that’s not enough to convince you to embrace the future of fragrance-free fitness, the benefits of Polygiene include:

  • Permanent odour control: Polygiene inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria so you can run fresh all day long.
  • Be more climate smart: With less washing, lower temperatures and less energy consumption (not to mention all recyclable materials), Polygiene is perfect for eco-conscious runners as it saves on water, time and detergents.
  • Longer lifespans: Thanks to the elimination of bacteria and excessive washing, your kit will really go the distance, so you can keep on running!

How does Polygiene work?

Based on silver salt, Polygiene is applied to fabric during the finishing stages of production to create this revolutionary odour-free fabric.

Thanks to a background in the healthcare sector, the brand has undergone extensive skin sensitivity testing so it’s perfect for sweaty runners.

Our verdict

After some extensive hill running in Montane’s new VIA Trail Series range including backpacks, tops, tights and even socks, we can confirm that after brushing the mud off, the kit really doesn’t smell! We don’t know about you, but reducing kit washing time sounds like an absolute dream.

We particularly liked the Women’s Montane Snap Zip T-shirt and the Women’s VIA Claw 14 vest pack.

Women’s Montane Snap Zip T-shirt

A technical, high-performance base layer which combines Apex-Lite fabric with super-wicking bi-construction plus the aforementioned Polygiene, thanks to UPF protection, flat-locked seams, reflective details and a centre front zip, this  Montane Snap Zip T-shirt covers all the bases and should be a staple in any trail runner's kit bag.

Women’s VIA Claw 14 vest pack

The VIA Claw 14 is an ultra distance trail running vest pack specifically designed for women on the move. Water resistant, lightweight, comfortable and surprisingly roomy for all your kit bits, it also comes in a beautiful cerulean blue. We didn't quite make the ultra distances but it was still idea for a gentle trail run.

For more from Montane's VIA Trail Series range head over to

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