Kit review: the 2017 dhb run range

From statement tights to race ready kit, endurance athlete Susie Chan tests out the latest dhb range to hit the road.

Kit review: the 2017 dhb run range

The dhb brand has been around for a while on the cycling scene and their top quality technical gear has become a firm favourite. They have since branched out to running gear, and this summer dhb kit has hit the (virtual) shelves. We gave it the run around to test it out.

  • Runner: Susie Chan
  • Brand: dhb 
  • RRP: £12.99 - £32 
  • Rating: 4/5

Get the look

The overall look of the latest dhb range is great. There is the go-with-anything black vest, shorts and leggings which are the staple in any runner's wardrobe. These have design details that won't be lost on high-end apparel.

Racer backs on the vest, and a great cut on the shorts and long sleeve tops made for comfortable running. The black leggings had bang on trend mesh sections, which not only looks good, but adds breathability. In addition to the black, there are bright printed tights which we took a shine to in particular. Bold designs and a mix of blues and black means there is plenty to take your pick from.

The road test

I gave all the products a good run for their money! On longer runs poor quality run clothes can cause chafing problems, but there was no sign of any here. Tidy seams are thoughtfully placed to avoid friction issues. The designs are not overtly fussy and functional without being boring.

They also got a decent sweat test, another thing which can, in my opinion, be a real decider in the usability of run gear. It wicked away sweat and dried very quickly too. Not only is this handy on the run, but it also helps when you have a huge pile of dirty kit to turnaround quickly! 

The material was suitably weighted. It was not too thick and felt very 'free' when moving around. The fit was spot on, in particular the running tights which were tight in the right places (knees/ankles) and well fitted where you would like it to be (waist, bum). If you don't want to wear full length running tights, they also have the shorter Capri version to choose from.

Not only did this great kit go out for a run, they were tested out in yoga and the gym and performed well across the board. The overall effect makes for a comfortable workout. 

Quality and value

There are so many kit running brands to choose from out there. Some are eye-wateringly expensive and some are absolute bargains. Having tried out expensive to cheaper kit, this dhb range is at a very good price point for quality run apparel. The stitching, material and cut all lend themselves to great value for money.

The new dhb range comes up trumps with this new run apparel. Versatile and good looking kit, it comes in at a really great price point and it's well worth investigating if you are heading out for a run this summer.

To try the dhb run kit for yourself, click here!

Susie Chan is an endurance runner, who competes in some of the world's toughest ultra-marathons and endurance races. Read about her running on her blog

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