Putting the 361º Sensation 2 to the test

Designed to help you run beyond your expectations and go the distance, we put 361º's latest running shoe to the test.

Putting the 361º Sensation 2 to the test

Bold movers

When it comes to making a statement, the all-new 361º Sensation 2 running shoe is up there with the most stylish footwear on the market. After taking the Spark Crush colourway out for a spin we were ready and raring to run thanks to its bright pop of colour. As well as a bold neon and sweeping purple combo, you can choose from a variety of colours, from subtle black and purple, to bright blue. Aesthetics aren't everything when it comes to running goals, but they definitely brightened up our day.

Stable support  

If you’re looking for a supportive running shoe that goes the extra mile, the Sensation 2 could be the perfect fit. On our training runs we found them to be supportive without being too bulky, even with the additional weight. The mechanics behind the Sensation 2 also ensure that there’s an added degree of stability within the arch to prevent over-pronation. 

Go the distance

The Sensation 2 performed well on a gentle 5K and longer mileage, which is a big tick if you have an autumn marathon on the horizon. Due to the supportive nature of the shoe it is weightier than a racing shoe, but this comes with extra bounce. Thanks to QUI!CKFOAM midsole technology, 361º cushioning puts ample spring in your step which always helps, especially during those long weekend runs.  

A snug fit

One of the highlights of the Sensation 2 is the feel and the fit. The overlays on the upper are placed specifically to provide a fit that feels tailored to your feet. The outcome feels a little more snug than other models on the market, but without feeling as though your toes are fighting for their life. For runners with a wider foot it’s definitely wise to go up a size, or try before you buy to ensure you get the right fit.

The long haul

The Sensation 2 is highly cushioned thanks to the durable design, the supportive nature of the shoe and its substantial rubber sole. If you’re looking to tackle short speedy sessions and shave seconds off, this may not be the shoe for you. But if you’re more concerned with getting through your long runs feeling able and ready, this is definitely the running shoe for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a pair of running shoes that will take you the distance, provide added support and look the part, the Sensation 2 will fit the bill.

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