Running kit for beginners

Getting started out on the road can be a daunting prospect in itself, let alone knowing what to wear. So here's our tick list of what kit you need to get up and running.  

Running kit for beginners

The right running trainers 

As convenient to wear the pair of kicks living at the bottom of your wardrobe, investing in a pair of specific running trainers will provide the support and cushioning that you need to get through the miles without injury. Book into your local running store for a gait analysis and leave the guilt of spending at the door; your trainers are an investment that will last you for miles and miles. For more on choosing the perfect pair ask yourself these key questions

Running socks

As tempting as it is to don the pair of socks you received from your aunt Rita at Christmas, we’d suggest saving these for when you aren’t heading out on the road. Blisters can be a common problem for runners, but they can also be easily prevented if you wear running specific socks with their special sweat-wicking fabric.

Bottoms with benefits

Depending on the season or your hardiness to the colder weather, keep your legs clothed with either running tights or shorts and make sure they have a draw string for extra support. It pays to buy a pair that have a pocket for a few small belongings, such as your phone or keys. 

Upper layers 

When it comes to your upper body opt for technical running vests or t-shirts to wick away sweat and prevent chafing on your runs. There are tons of styles, shapes and designs out there so choose a couple of tees, short and long-sleeved, that make you feel nice and comfortable. 

Base layers

During the winter months invest in a good base layer to keep you warm. Opt for one with long sleeves to protect you from the elements and ensure it's made from moisture wicking fabric to keep you at the optimum temperature during your runs. Try these!

Lightweight running jacket

Be prepared for those moments when it's bleak outside with some jacket protection. Specialist running jackets will regulate your temperature when you're running. So you'll be protected from the elements but won't get too hot when you're out busting a gut.  If it's dark outside, opt for high-vis kit

Sports bra

Ladies, this is one item that you don’t want to be without. Give your bosom some TLC and buy a bra that keeps you secure, supported and fits you properly. Don’t be afraid to try a selection on bras in store until you find the right one for you. 

GPS watch

You can get through the miles without a watch, but having one can improve your running in so many ways.  Log your miles with ease, track your progress and even find new routes to explore, with watches like the TomTom Runner 3

Running arm band

If you run with your phone or have you music playing, a running arm band will allow you to roam hands free. Take your pick of's high-vis kit

Bank card and spare change

Admittedly this pointer isn't kit, but it's a necessity. Every runner, veteran or beginner, should take an emergency bit of cash with them. If you hit an energy road hump on your run you know you can get home safely and easily. 

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