Shoe review: Saucony Ride ISO white noise edition

The Saucony Ride ISO White noise edition is reviewed and rated.

Shoe review: Saucony Ride ISO white noise edition

Having never run in a pair of Saucony I was excited to be asked by Running Bug to test the new asked by Ride ISO White Noise shoe. Having researched the brand, it's clear what a long and established history they have, from a technology and especially with this shoe, a scientific approach to designing shoes.

White Noise relates to the neuroscientist called Ben Martynoga who Saucony worked with on a study that relates to how running benefits those who take part: reducing stress, putting the brain in a meditative state and blocking out the ‘white noise' of daily life. I was eager to see if the Ride ISO could help me do that.

First look

Once I got over the excitement of being sent a package it was time to un-box them which is something I love, though this could be construed as strange; new shoes just have a certain smell.

First impressions are that they are seriously stylish - all white with flecks of grey from front to back and the sole seems to float below in bluey grey. Super cool. Who wants to run in a pair of white shoes when they could be paired with jeans was a thought that crossed my mind but that's not for me to say.

Packed with technology to give a smooth ride

The first thing to note about the test is that I am a neutral runner with a tendency to supinate and I was slightly worried about how the Ride would cope. However, as soon as I put the shoe on the amount of cushioning was brilliant and from the first step my foot felt secure and this was never an issue. This I'm sure is due to the ISOFit lacing system which has been designed to morph around the foot and keep it in place.

There is also an inner sock which adds additional padding which is also great. At no point did my ankle roll and my foot felt secure, especially with the layers of padding around the heel. I liked this, but for some runners, it could be too bulky – you'll have to try a pair on in your local running store to know what I mean.

But how did they run I hear you ask? In a word: smooth. Again, Saucony have packed as much technology as possible into the shoe to make sure neutral runners have the best run of their lives and I can say they didn't disappoint.

The foam used in the shoe is called EVERUN and it was made to be more responsive to provide smooth landings and aid take off. I liked the way they took the hit of my foot with no jarring which I have experienced in other shoes and gave back on my next step. The sole is at the same time soft where the foot lands and feels strong with the next step; a perfect combination for me.

In terms of the fabric, it's very breathable and my feet didn't over heat which is often an issue for me so well done.


I took the Ride ISO's out on some long runs (10K) and some shorter bursts (5K) and it took them in its stride. With all the cushioning, I was a little worried that it might slow me down but looking at my splits I was matching times in shoes I normally run in and they wore in quickly which is a huge plus. On the longer runs I really didn't want to stop, and I have no doubt that was down to the Ride's.

Overall, I would say they would suit longer distances because of the amount of cushioning but that's not to say they didn't perform on shorter runs. Something to note is that the Ride's are most definitely a road shoe.


Happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with the ISO Ride and they ticked all the boxes for me: comfort, versatile, a high level of cushioning and smoothness. They are also great value for money coming in at just above £100. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a shoe for different distances and my verdict is 5/5.

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