Shoe review: Brooks Glycerin 15

Back in its 15th incarnation, the Brooks Glycerin 15 continues to lead the way in softness and supreme comfort.

Shoe review: Brooks Glycerin 15

Having run my first marathon in a pair of Brooks Glycerin back in 2010, this review may come across a tad biased, as I’ve always had a soft spot for the reassuringly cushioned running shoe. I have admittedly since moved onto a more minimal style shoe but, as a sentimental soul, the Glycerin has always had a place in my heart as the ship that launched my love of long distance running.

Seven years and several incarnations later, I am pleased to report that (unlike my running, sadly) the old faithful Glycerin has come on leaps and bounds.

Super soft cushioning

A neutral running shoe, the 15th incarnation comes with a few key updates while maintaining the well-cushioned ride runners like me have come to love.

Amongst other subtle updates, the Glycerin 15 features a fresh outsole with forefoot flex grooves for increased flexibility. By reducing the midfoot and heel, the Glycerin 15 weighs less than its predecessors, leading to a smoother ride without sacrificing durability.

A secure ride

To keep things fresh Brooks have also stripped back the upper, replacing it with a 3D mesh designed to increase airflow and keep your tootsies cool. But thanks to strategically placed overlays you should still feel reassuringly secure during your run.

From a design perspective, the Glycerin 15 also looks a lot snazzier, with black overlay and funky flashes of colour that, should you be sartorially savvy when it comes to fitness fashion, would go well with almost any running kit.

The 15th edition does come up slightly smaller, but it’s possible that my feet have simply grown since I took up pounding the pavements, so try them out for size before you buy to ensure you get the fit right.

But fitting and updates aside, The Brooks Glycerin 15 is the same reliable shoe that first ushered me into the world of long distance running. A comfortable, secure shoe that performs well over the big miles, I highly recommend it. 

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