Should you go commando on your runs?

To wear pants or to run free, that is the question...

Should you go commando on your runs?


Most of us wear underwear, so it's second nature to leave it on under your kit when you head out for a run. But running shorts often comes with sewn in pants, so if you're wearing underwear you're effectively doubling up.

If you opt for extra layers problems can arise, as additional fabric prevents ventilation. When your private parts are kept under wraps for too long they can become sore and sensitive, even with technical run gear. 

The risks

When you get hot and sweaty, certain body parts are more at risk of irritation and infection, which increases the hotter you become. The warm conditions created during a sweaty run foster the perfect temperatures for bacteria to grow, so the less layers you wear, the better.

If you plan to see friends after your run, try not not to stay in your run kit for too long. Change out of your undies, pop on a new pair of shorts, or if you have time lather up in the shower.

Chafe troubles

The benefit of wearing underwear on your runs is the added layer of skin protection to prevent your body from being rubbed red raw. If you choose to wear pants or run free, slathering on petroleum jelly or body glide can help to prevent any chafing nightmares


For the ladies, a visible panty line can be a concern, but going commando on the run also comes with its own visual concerns. This one is totally down to the individual so opt for whatever feels best or you.

If you're on the fence just remember: you're out running. It doesn't matter what you look like, what counts is how comfortable you feel. Stick two fingers up at the naysayers and wear, or choose not to wear, whatever the hell you want.

Running undies 

If you prefer to wear pants, running specific undies could help to keep your under-carriage cool and happy. With various brands to choose from including Sweaty Betty, Runderwear, Kalenji and Odlo, be sure to find the perfect pair for your tush. 

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