Testing the Body Partner orthotic insoles

Claiming to help all types of running pain and improve biomechanical functionality, we wanted to see what difference Body Partner's XGO-01’ orthotic insoles make. So Virgil Andrews put them through their paces...

Testing the Body Partner orthotic insoles

Most insoles just concentrate on one area, typically heel pain, yet the Body Partner insole has been designed to specifically target and alleviate pain in in the heel and knees and help adjust runners form, therefore tackling the root cause. By realigning the foot into the most automatically efficient position and correcting any imbalances which cause pain in several areas of the foot and knees, the Body Partner takes orthotics up a notch offers a one stop solution. 

First impressions

Having suffered with Plantar Fasciitis since I ran my first marathon two years ago, I know first-hand how excruciating it can be just to walk, let alone run. I was therefore excited to review the Body Partner insole to see if could help reduce some of the symptoms or even make running a little more bearable.

Having re-searched insoles at length, I know you can pay upwards of £250+ for a bespoke version but taking the XGO-01 out of the box it has this feel; from the packaging / styling, design and feel wise, it gave me a lot of confidence and this was even before putting in my running shoes.

The XGO-01 is made up of 3 layers: a large blue foam pad which undulates from thicker cushioning at the heel, up through the instep and out across foot and levels out with a further lip of cushioning into the mid-foot. The second white layer is a firm curved rigid plastic board running from the heel to the top of the instep which stops just past the heel arch. The third is the actual top foam of the insole which has full length perforations to let the foot breath and has thicker foam than a traditional insole. Really good first impression.

A perfect fit

I have a very high instep and whilst it’s a little strange at first to have something mimic this high line, it felt immediately supportive to walk on as the high curvature fitted really well and hugged my instep perfectly. This was the surprising thing as I wasn’t expecting to find an off the shelf product that a) I didn’t have to cut to fit (common and a bit annoying) and b) that felt perfect for me.

Size 9 first perfectly for a men’s UK shoe 8.5 but all sizes are catered for from 8-12+ so matching to the current insole in your preferred shoe is a doddle. I would recommend taking out your current insole, otherwise your foot could sit too high but it’s personal preference in terms of the amount of cushioning required. So far so very good but obviously it is all about the performance on a run.

Always on support

The best way to describe the sensation the XGO-01 gives on a run is that the support is ‘always on’. The plastic board whilst firm on first wear, on a run compresses and then springs back on each step, which meant my arch was supported and the pain spot from my plantar injury was less noticeable: literally a game changer for me. I also noticed that my form was better as I tend to heavily supinate but as the first layer of foam is quite wide, it naturally repositioned my foot on take-off and landing and made me think about foot placement more than I would normally. This was something I wasn’t expecting as often inner soles claim to aid this but don’t do the job. I’m happy to say that the XGO-01 did. 

My only criticism is that the XGO is heavier than I was expecting so it’s not something you might consider for race day. However, on longer runs and especially marathon training which I am in the middle of, the support its fantastic and I haven’t found anything like it on the market.

The verdict

For an inner sole, the XGO-01 really does tick all the boxes and value for money wise, whilst not cheap, they are a lot less expensive than a bespoke version so definitely worth every penny. Based on comfort, alleviation of pain and support on even the longest runs, I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs extra support as well as helping those who supinate or pronation. I even add them to my day to day shoes and walkers should take note that this is an option too. A great product.

To get your very own pair of XGO-01’s, click here.

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