The best ethical running kit

Make a conscious choice with the active wear in your wardrobe and run your way to a sustainable planet.

The best ethical running kit

From microfibres that are washed into the ocean to unethical clothing production, the impact our sportswear choices have on the environment can be damaging in ways that we least expect. Thankfully, clothing companies are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their products have, from both a humanitarian and sustainability perspective. There's still a great deal to be done to ensure that activewear is as green as it can be, but these brands are leading the way for the future of ethical sportswear. 


Based in Wales, the team behind Howies are passionate about creating clothing that has a low impact on the environment. They aim to make products that last longer and will see you through every type of outdoor sport. Their products are made with organic materials, which will keep you warm during the winter months and are a long way off man-made materials that are derived from petroleum. Visit for details.


As well as creating good quality running wear, Sundried focus just as much attention on the technical as the social and environmental factors of activewear. Their kit is made from 100 per cent recycled materials, they work with Surfers Against Sewage to improve the oceans and have a long-standing partnership with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund. As well as being an extremely conscious brand, their kit will see you through your run or workout looking fab and feeling comfortable. Head over to for more info.


Icebreaker's founder Jeremy Moon started the brand with a steely determination to find a natural solution to synthetic technical active wear. The company champion the idea that nature has all the answers, including taking a break from your busy life to running in comfortable clothing that will last a lifetime. Icebreaker are passionate about steering clear of synthetics and predominantly use merino wool, creating pieces that are odour-free, lightweight and durable. Check out


YEW aim to be as green and ethical as possible with their products, working hard to ensure their kit doesn’t sacrifice substance as a result. Since 2010, they have been making high-performance kit with sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. While polyester isn't the greenest man-made fabric on the earth, making the most of its longevity by recycling is a definite positive step. Head over to for more details.

Did you know how much your running kit can impact the planet?

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