Putting the Brooks Glycerin 16 to the test

The latest creation from Brooks promises the ultimate cushioned ride, exceptional support and innovative technology, so we put the Glycerin 16 through their paces!

Putting the Brooks Glycerin 16 to the test

Cushioning without compromise

The latest addition to the Brooks range claims to deliver on-demand cushioning without added weight or bulk, providing runners with a comfortable, protected ride. When stepping out in this model ourselves, we felt exactly that, with added cushioning equaling a softer, lighter run and a bouncier step than usual.

Brooks have ensured this model provides the benefits of additional cushioning for all types of runs, so we tested these out on a whole range. From faster speed sessions to long slow miles, the latest Glycerin shoe provided added power and comfort throughout, with no signs of weighing us down.

Innovative technology

This uncompromising cushioning is all thanks to innovative Brooks’ DNA LOFT material. This material has been specifically created to be lightweight and ultra-soft without either giving out underneath the foot or being too bulky. Brooks have also fine-tuned their latest trainer by including DNA foam, air and rubber, to provide a softer feeling when your foot strikes the ground without losing responsiveness and durability.


A supportive ride

To go alongside the cushioned DNA Loft technology, Brooks ensure that your run will be supported every step of the way with IDEAL Pressure Zones throughout the length of the shoe. For us, that’s exactly how we felt with this neutral model; the Pressure Zone technology provided an even feel underfoot, helping to disperse any impact we would typically feel on the run, especially during longer miles. Which is good news if you're currently marathon training and looking for a long run companion.

Take on a range of terrains

The Glycerin 16 are presented as a road shoe, yet unlike a number of road models the soles have an increased grip, which works perfectly both on and off the trail. We wouldn’t claim that these will give your trail shoes a run for their money on very technical ground, yet after trying these on a number of terrains we felt more in control when going off-road than other road shoes!

A comfortable fit

Brooks offer a variety of width sizes in their latest model, which is good for those with wider feet, our team included. Sadly, for the gentlemen, this option currently only sits within the ladies range of trainers.

The heel of the Glycerin 16 may feel a little low if you’re used to an ankle grazing shoe, yet this shouldn’t affect your experience. As soon as we were moving, the lower shoe fitting was quickly forgotten.

Easy on the eyes

Aesthetics aren’t the be all and end all of running kit, yet feeling confident on your run is important. The Glycerin 16 have a 3D printed mesh upper offering a streamlined fit with maximum ventilation. There are a number of of eye-catching colourways too, for both the ladies and the men, from vibrant red, to teal or even black and neon orange. So you can find a pair that suits you and your personality and feel confident and comfortable on the road, whatever distance you have on the horizon.

The verdict

If you're looking for an extra dose of power on the run and some extra motivation to bounce through the miles, here we have a great shoe for all distances, long or short. We love the added cushioning and are big fans of the support the Glycerin 16 offers without being bulky. If you're tempted to try them for size, buy yours here!

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