The London Marathon Reebok Floatride lowdown

Running a marathon is no mean feat. As well as the race itself, let’s not forget about all of those weeks, months and miles that lead up to taking on 26.2 miles.

The London Marathon Reebok Floatride lowdown

Alongside nutrition, pace, and perfect Lycra, there are numerous things to consider before running your first marathon. It may come as no surprise then that wearing the perfect running shoe is one of the fundamental pieces to that puzzle.

In the lead up to this year’s London Marathon, Reebok handpicked a number of Bug members from across the UK. The gang wore the all-new Reebok Floatride running shoes through months of training and up until race day, and we were lucky enough to get their thoughts.

A London Marathon boost

As Reebok make a headway into the running field with the Floatride, their resurgence is something we’re excited about. Our Bugs were just as pleased to run through the streets of London wearing running shoes with a strong British heritage.

‘It felt great to be associated with Reebok, as it’s a brand I've grown up due to being born in the 90's’, says Robson Friend. Representing an old classic with a new spin on the streets of London, the stalwarts of British sports-style had a strong chance of being a match made in marathon heaven. 

Floating on air

One of the main draws of the Floatride is the ‘cushioning without compromise’. In creating the Floatride, Reebok have tried their best to not sacrifice the weight or shape of the shoes, offering the perfect balance of both comfort and structure without burdening your tired legs.

On her London Marathon training journey, runner Squibb Viscous was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the Floatride were. ‘They felt like running on clouds! They were so light and airy compared to other shoes I'd tried.’  

Robson Friend also found that Floatride were the perfect fit for his training, with the dream team mix of being weightless yet supportive, ‘The shoe offered a perfect balance of cushioning whilst still being incredibly light and flexible, he said.’  If comfort can also come without any added bulk then this is a shoe that gets our vote. 

Spring in your step

Unlike other trainers on the market, Reebok’s latest creation have unique Floatride Foam; a cell structure that delivers an optimal combination of responsiveness while being soft under foot. Essentially as your feet hit the ground you’re given an added boost, a feeling that our Floatride athletes couldn’t stop raving about.

Lide Gaard’s new shoes kept weary marathon feet at bay, ‘I definitely didn't feel any pain in my feet. I didn't notice the shoes at all during the marathon, so they must have been just right, I had a great experience indeed.’

They also left Robson Friend feeling like he was flying through his miles, ‘Overall, the shoe allowed me to feel like I was gliding.’ 

A good all-rounder

To ensure that they fit the bill, our Floatride runners took their Reeboks for a spin over various distances. Jenni Morris doubled up on her marathon journey in her new Reeboks, helping her on her way for both the Barcelona and London Marathons.

‘I have worn them on several long and short runs,' she said. 'They have seen me through two marathons and a lot of training... I would buy them again once I've worn this pair out.’

But the Floatride are definitely not a one-trick pony, with a whole host of positive reviews for shorter distances flooding in too.

Tim Jones felt his trainers mastered these quick speedy runs with a welcome reaction, ‘For me, with the shorter, quicker runs I noticed much more of a bounce, a lovely springy response,' he said. 

So what are you waiting for? Try the all-new Reebok Floatride out for size today. 

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