The next generation in compression wear has landed

Sport and technology go hand in hand, so when we were asked to exclusively test out a radical new leap in compression clothing design by our friends at SKINS, we were understandably excited.

The next generation in compression wear has landed

The science bit

The new SKINS’ K-PROPRIUM range has been developed specifically to help fight fatigue by enhancing the effects of proprioception.

Proprioception? It’s when your body knows unconsciously how to move without looking. K-Pro technology aids this as the more support your muscles have the better your running form and the less unnecessary movement within your joints.

The addition of Proprioceptive Power Bands (PPB’s) within the tight have also been developed to reduce injury and improve proprioception by getting more oxygen to your muscles faster so you can go harder for longer. We were keen to try it for ourselves.

First look and feel

It’s fair to say that the K-Pro tights don’t look like anything we've seen on the market. The two-tone panels feature flowing bands of fabric that loop round each leg, with a silk effect print finish on the sides which look fantastic and are totally unique. 

We were told that five types of fabric go into the construction, each one working to help bring moisture away from the body and regulate body temperature through ADAPTIVE technology.

Reflective panels give them a futuristic look which are great for running in low light and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. SKINS have once again come up trumps design wise.

The K-Pro tights take a bit of getting used to but in a good way. If you have ever applied supportive tape, you’ll know what I mean as the bands of fabric replicate that tight sensation of your muscles being ‘hugged’ in place which is both comfortable but unusual.

The waist band is also much larger, sitting naturally higher over the hips than on other tights and has been developed to support your lower abs without restricting rotation. The design is innovative but a departure from the norm. 

Putting them to the test

What I noticed instantly was the ‘snap’ they gave on every stride, especially at the back of my knee. It’s as if my leg was a being pulled back into its natural position for me before I took my next step which does sound crazy but don’t take my word for it. 

I couldn’t take the smile off my face because it wasn’t a one off; there was a constant sensation of being pulled along which made my runs so much fun and want to stay out longer which is always a good sign.

There are bands of U-Shaped graduated ‘strapping’ which start just below the back of the calf and wind their way up both sides of the knee, onto the quad to the top of the waist band. The scientists at SKINS developed these Laminar Bands to reduce fatigue in the key muscle groups and stop involuntary movement which in turn delays fatigue.

It also gave a warming sensation in my muscles during and post run which is something I have not experienced in compression tights to this extent before meaning my recovery was quicker. 

Overall my form improved as I felt more aligned from the added support from hip to calf, on take back and landing.

The verdict 

The K Pro’s were a joy to run in. Very light, breathable my movement was aided and I didn’t want to take them off. For me these are the future of compression technology and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I can’t promise that you’ll beat your PB but I can promise that you won't stop smiling whenever you run in them.

To try out Kpro’s for yourself visit

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