The running accessories you didn't know you need

From toe protectors to nipple guards, treat yourself to these clever pieces of kit and give your running a boost!

The running accessories you didn't know you need

Reebok wrist weights

Work your upper body without spending hours in the gym by adding some targeted weights into your run. Reebok's wrist weights are easy to fasten with handy velcro straps and they're compact enough to wear outside.

Toe protectors

If you've ever wondered how you're going to get through race day with a gigantic blister, this nifty UP toe protector could well be your saving grace! UP protectors come with stretchy high grade sillicon for added comfort in a handy two pack.

Million mile light

You needn't worry about being dressed up to the nines in reflective kit with these clever lights. Million Mile Lights are powered by your movements and are said to last for one million miles. They’re battery free, weatherproof and can be bought in a pair, for visibility front and back. 

Nipple guards

In the world of longer distance running, sore, chafed nipples can be a real hindrance. Prep your private parts with Nip Guards and solve this problem in a flash, whether you're running in sunshine or rain, they stay put in all kinds of weather.

Mini foam roller

Easing those tired legs doesn't have to cost the price of a sports massage or expensive foam roller, thanks to the The BlackRoll Mini. This miniature invention is small enough to fit into your gym bag ready to roll and restore your pins wherever you might be. 

Compression calf guards

Compression wear is a sneaky piece of kit that can help to conserve energy as you run, improving the blood flow in your legs. 2XU have a wide range of compression kit, from full leggings to arm sleeves. These calf guards are a worthwhile buy, especially if you're cranking up the miles for spring marathon training!

Wireless headphones  

Hands-free headphones can transform your exercise routine, giving you the freedom to train to your favourite songs without the hassle of wires. Waterproof, with a great battery life, Fast Fuel charging, and compatible with innovative Apple 1 technology, the Powerbeats3 are perfect for runners, whatever your distance.

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