The ultimate runner's Christmas gift guide 2016

What’s the one thing runners love more than running? Gear! Find the perfect pressie for the runner in your life with our ultimate Christmas gift guide.

The ultimate runner's Christmas gift guide 2016

Marathon pendant

Show your loved one how much you respect their obsessive passion for running with a sterling silver necklace stamped with arguably the world's coolest number. Each necklace is handmade with care; what better way to demonstrate just how proud you are of your other half's mammoth achievement than choosing a 26.2 marathon necklace?

£32.99 Buy here

SnugsActive earphones

The ultimate bespoke Christmas present, SnugsActive Earphones are custom fit using 3D modelling and printing technology to create a pair of earphones entirely unique to their owner. They are guaranteed to never fall out, supremely comfortable, and offer unrivalled sound quality that blocks out external noise and dramatically improves audio quality on the move.

£199.00 Buy here

Personalised medal frame

We defy running fanatics not to cherish this brilliant gift idea. The cupboards and drawers are no place for that glittering reward after a big sporting achievement. Remind your loved one exactly what they're capable of and celebrate their achievements every day with a personalised medal frame designed specifically for post-race mementos. We all know the huge effort that goes into crossing that finish line, so cherish those moments and celebrate running success with a personalised frame for the mantelpiece, available in various colours.

£57-60 Buy here

Olympic Stadium track

What's the ultimate gift for a sports fanatic? Give your loved one a piece of sporting memorabilia to remember with a chunk of the 100m straight track from the iconic London 2012 Olympic Games! A site where world records were broken and incredible sporting moments were made by athletes including Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Hannah Cockroft and David Weir, the runner in your life can treasure a piece of sporting history forever.

£99-120 Buy here

Aftershokz earbuds

If your running friend has more shoes and kit than you can shake a stick at, then earphones is the obvious gift answer. Get crystal clear sound without having to compromise on safety with AfterShokz earbuds. Transmitting sound through the cheekbone instead of the eardrum, AfterShokz provide a safer way of listening to music, so your git recipient won’t miss a beat while they work out.

£105 Buy here


A genius gift idea for your running friend, give the gift of light (and pocket space) with the new Reflective FlipBelt. This running and exercise belt is perfect for securely carrying all the essentials while on-the-go. FlipBelt fits comfortably over clothing for maximum reflectiveness and its large-pocket, tubular design makes it easy to securely carry large phones, keys, ID, and cards, eliminating the need for a backpack or running armband.

£32 Buy here

Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo

Give the gift of music with the the Polk BOOM Swimmer Duo. A 'ready for anything’ speaker that is suitable for any activity, the runner in your life can get down to some groovy tunes wherever they are. Dirt, shock and water proof, the speaker delivers hi-fi sound within an extremely compact and portable package. The design is also ideal for travel and fits comfortably into small spaces.

£47 Buy here

TomTom Touch

The first fitness tracker that combines steps, sleep and 24/7 heart rate with body composition, the TomTom Touch makes a great Christmas gift for your techy running friend. It measures activity levels and monitors the effects of your activity on the body – meaning your gift recipient can see if their training is doing the job! Allowing them to accurately measure progress, as well as body fat and muscle mass percentage, the TomTom Touch provides all the stats from the flick of the wrist, making it an excellent Christmas gift for your fitness enthusiast friends or family.

£129.99 Buy here

Citrus Zinger Sport gift pack

Show your loved ones just how much you care about their hydration levels this Christmas with these Citrus Zinger bottles. With lemon, cucumber and kiwi attachments, they can detoxify, refresh and hydrate, with the versatility of the press, slicer and reamer allowing the creativity to add extra zing to workout drinks throughout the day and on the move!

£20 Buy here

Petzl NAO headlamp

What better gift to give this Christmas than than the pleasure of safely running after dark! Featuring reactive light technology, the ultra-powerful Petzl multi-beam headlamp is perfect for those dark winter runs. With the reactive technology automatically adapting its light intensity to the needs of the user as the route changes, the lamp analyses ambient light and instantly adjusts the brightness to the needs of the athlete. 

£115 Buy here

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