10 reasons Mo Farah rocks

We love Mo Farah, and here are 10 great reasons why you should too!

10 reasons Mo Farah rocks

1. Mo trains like a pro

On top of his normal training, with the help of a special treadmill Mo also trains underwater three or four times a week to run extra miles without chancing the same risk of injury.

2. Mo's got the moves

Known for his moves off the track almost as well as on, he has his own unique celebration dance; the 'Mobot', which he uses to promote his charity activities.

3. Mo is a man of principles

In a recent statement, Farah condemned Donald Trump’s decision to ban the arrival of citizens to the US from predominantly Muslim countries, stating: 'The Queen made me a knight, Donald Trump made me an alien.'

4. Mo is an icon

Moving to the UK from Somalia at the age of eight and unable to speak a word of English, Mo Farah is now a true champion of British sport and an icon of British sporting success.

5. Mo is a knight

Mo's knighthood completes a remarkable journey for the runner who enjoyed such incredible success in 2016.

6. Mo is a family man

Currently living and training in Portland, Oregon, Farah shares a home with his wife and four children.

7. Mo is a cheeky chap

His manner of victory, infectious smile and genuine interviews make him instantly recognisable as the ‘nice guy’ of British Athletics.

8. Mo gives to charity

Known for donating to charitable causes, Mo continues to be an active supporter of the Muslim Writer Awards.

9. Everyone loves Mo

Mo was hailed ‘Britain’s greatest ever athlete’ by Sebastian Coe and Brendan Foster.

10. Mo is a champion!

In 2013, Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m and 5000m gold in the Moscow World Athletics Championship, making him the double World and Olympic champion.

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