5 reasons running is great for your sex life

Here's something you might not have expected as a result of your running regime - a seriously improved performance in the bedroom! Ramp up your running regime and before long you'll be at it like rabbits.

5 reasons running is great for your sex life

Aside from getting seriously sweaty, a good run and a roll in the hay have several things in common: the release of feel good hormones, endorphins, a boost to your confidence and an overall feeling of well-being. Need an excuse to get your legs moving? We reveal five reasons why running is great for your sex life.

1. Get a toned bum

A 2009 Durex Global Sex Survey found that after the eyes and face, the part of the body that most of us find the sexiest was the bottom. And what’s great for a pert bottom? Running, especially hill work. Get busy! Running gives you shapely pins too, here are a few running tips for toning up your legs.

2. Combining sex and running!

Trying to fit in resistance work, mileage and a sex life? Australian sex guru/personal trainer for 15 years, Wallace Weider Rios, has the answer. Why not try sexercise, a time-managers dream way to cross train? Author of Sexy Balls, Wallace explains the ins and outs of sexercise on a Sexercise ball.

He promises the workout explores 'sex in several positions, all with added intensity from a ball,' providing 'extra support, rhythm and bounce and a better workout than any other sexual position.'

3. Testosterone boost

Usually linked to aggression, teenage boys and doping scandals, testosterone also plays a vital role in sexy time. A 1996 Australian study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, revealed that running for less than two hours increased testosterone levels, but after two hours, circulation of testosterone was suppressed.

And if you overtrain, you could be in danger of causing your testosterone levels to plummet – up to 40 per cent if you’re really suffering with overtraining syndrome, according to a study at the University of North Carolina. So train wisely and make the most of your testosterone sex window!

4. Feeling frisky

Running is one of the best exercises for weight loss and fit people have a higher body confidence than those who don’t exercise, with a 2004 study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality of 400 college students revealing that 80 per cent of fit men and 60 percent of fit women felt they were above average on the sexy scale.

As well as having fewer flabby bits, fit people are more flexible, agile and have better endurance. And as sex can burn 200 calories in an hour, you’re going to need to be fit to enjoy it!

5. Sexy stamina

It’s a chicken and egg thing. Fit people can keep at it for longer. A Harvard University study of 160 swimmers found that athletes in their 40s and 60s had the same amount of sex as non-athletes 20 years younger.

And according to the findings of a 10-year research project carried on 1,000 middle-aged men at Queens University in Belfast, published in the British Medical Journal, sex and regular orgasms will help you live a longer life. It's a fact: running keeps you young!

What more excuses do you need to get out the door? And the faster you run, the quicker you can get home and straight into bed...

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